CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 5th Sem Transportation Engineering-I June 2011

CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 5th Semester

Transportation Engineering-I June 2011






(Answer all questions)

I.   a) How will you classify the highways?

b) Which are the various requirements controlling the alignment of highways?

c)  Write short notes on traffic islands.

d) What are the objects and uses of traffic volume survey?

e)  Which are the desirable properties of road aggregates?

f)  Which are the basic differences between Flexible and rigid pavements?

g)  Write short notes on runway configurations.

h) Which are the factors controlling the size and numbers of gate positions?


II.  a) Explain in detail the camber.

b) The super-elevation is to be provided for a two-lane road with mixed traffic for a  design speed of 80kmph. It is situated on a horizontal curve of radius 474m. Calculate the rate of super-elevation.


III. a) Draw the typical cross-section of a road in an embankment.

b) An ascending gradient of 1 in 100 meets a descending gradient of 1 in 120. A summit curve is to be designed for a speed of 80kmph so as to have an overtaking sight distance of 470 meters.


IV. a) Explain Origin and Destination study. What are the various uses of the Origin and  Destination studies?

b) What is a traffic rotary? What are its advantages?


V. a) Enumerate the various types of intersections and the basic principles involved.

b) What are the different vehicular characteristics which affect the road design?


VI. a) How will you determine the hardness or softness of bitumen?

b) Explain in detail the various types of joints in concrete pavements.


VII.   a) Explain the procedure for designing a Flexible pavement by CBR method.

b) Explain in detail the causes of failures in Flexible Pavements.


VIII.  a) Which are the aircraft characteristics which affect the planning and design of airport?

b) The length of runway under standard condition is 1620m. The airport site has an (8) elevation of 270m. Its reference temperature is 34°C. If the runway is to be constructed with an effective gradient of 0.2%, determine the corrected runway length.


IX. a) Which are the facilities required in the terminal building?

b) Name the various possible landing aids for aircrafts. Explain with a neat sketch  how an aircraft lands under Instrument Landing System.

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