CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 3rd Semester Surveying-1 November 2008

CUSAT Previous Question Papers BE CE 3rd Semester

Surveying-1 November 2008


(Answer All questions)

1. a) Explain Tie Line and Check Line in chain survey.

b) Differentiate Whole Circle System and Quadrantal System of measuring bearings.

c) Explain the various uses of contours.                 .

d) Briefly explain the different types of errors in leveling.

e) With the help of a neat sketch explain the working of Planimeter.

f) Compare Simpson’s rule and Trapezoidal rule.

g) Briefly explain the working of a Subtense Bar.

h) Differentiate method of repetition and reiteration.


2. a) Explain any one method of solving the 3 – point problem.

b) Briefly explain the errors in Chain Survey.


3. Given below are the observed bearings in a traverse survey conducted with a prismatic compass at a place where local attraction is suspected.

Line Fore Bearine Back Bearine
AB 46°10′ 226°10′
BC 119°20′ 298°40′
CD 169°30′ 35 no’
DA 280°20′ 99°20′

At what station do you suspect local attraction. Find the correct bearings of the lines.


4. The following consecutive readings were taken with a dumpy level:

0.894,1.643,2.896,3.016,0.954,0.692,0.582, 0.251,1.532,0.996,2.135 The instrument was shifted after the fourth and eighth readings. The first reading was taken on the staff held on the B.M of R.L 820.765. Rule out a page of a level field book and enter the above readings. Calculate the reduced level of the points with the usual check.


5. a) Briefly explain how profile leveling and cross sectioning are done.

b) Explain the characteristics of contours.


6. A road embankment 8m wide at formation level, with side slopes 2 to 1 and an average height of bank 3m is constructed with an average gradient of 1 in 30 from a 399m contour to 410m contour. Find the length of the road in Km and the quantity of earth work in cubic metre for the embankment.


7. a) How do you work out the area by using departure and total latitude method?

b) Explain the working of Indian Pattern Clinometer.


8. How do you adjust the closing error in a theodolite traverse? Explain in detail.


a)  How do you determine the tachometric constants?

b)  Compare and contrast the tangential and stadia system of tacheometry.

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