CUSAT previous question Paper 7th sem ECE Computer Networks June 2006

CUSAT ECE Computer Networks Question Paper June 2006

BTS(C) – VII – (S) – 06 033 (A)

B. Tech. Degree VII Semester (Supplementary) Examination

June 2006


(2002 Admissions)

Time; 3 Hours                                                                                                                                        Maximum Marks: 100


I. (a) Explain the OSI reference model.

    (b) Explain the various types of networks.


(a) Write short notes on:

                 (i) FDDI                 (ii) X.25 networks

(b) Explain the services provided by ISDN.




III                (a) Explain the services provided by the data link layer,

(b) Explain the ARP and RAF P protocols.


IV                 (a) Explain the methods of error detection and error correction in the data link layer,

(b) Explain the function of Hubs, Switches and Bridges.

V                    a) Explain any two protocols used for routing packets in the network layer, b) Explain 1PV4 and IPV6 addressing methods.


VI                 a) Explain what you mean b> mobile IP. b) Write short notes on:

(i) ICMP                                 00 DHCP




VII.        (a) Compare and contrast TCP and UDP.

(b) Explain the TCP connection management.


VIII            (a) Explain the causes of congestion control and the approaches to control congestion in


b)                   Discuss the various functions of the transport layer.




IX                 (a) Explain the working of RI ‘C.

                (b) Discuss the methods of ensuring security in computer networks.


X                                            Write short notes on any lour:

(i) FTP                                                     (ii) SMTP

(iii) Firewall                                            (iv) Digital signatures

                    (v) DNS                                                  (vi) Cryptography



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