Cochin University Previous Question Papers BE CE 8th Semester Quantity Surveying And Valuation Sep 2010

Cochin University Previous Question Papers BE CE 8th

Semester Quantity Surveying And Valuation Sep 2010


(i) The plan and sectional elevation of a building are given in Figure 1(a) and (b).

(a) Estimate the quantities of the following items of work of the building.

(b) Earthwork excavation for foundation.


(ii) First class brick work in lime mortar in foundation and plinth.

(i)   First class brickwork in 1:6 cement mortar in super structure including parapet.

(ii) RCC work in roof slabs, lintels, sunshades etc.


(III) (a)Prepare a detailed estimate of R.C.C. staircase from the given plan and section Figure 2 (a) and (b), complete with an abstract of quantities and cost.


(IV) Write down the detailed specifications of

(i) Cement concrete 1 : 2:4

(ii) Reinforced cement concrete

(iii) Brickwork 1st class

(iv) Plastering with cement mortar.


(V) Find out the rates per cubic metre of

(i) Cement concrete 1:2:4

(ii) R.C.C work in beams etc. 1:2:4

(a) Define the following

(i) Value

(ii) Market value

(ii)  Sentimental value

(iv) Free tenure

(b) A machine was purchased for Rs. 12000/-. Assuming its salvage value at the end of 6 years to be Rs.3000/-, determine the amount of depreciation for each year by sinking fond method.


(VI)(a) Explain the comparative method of valuation for open land.

(b) Explain the rental method of valuation of land with building.


(VII) (a) A free hold property having an area of 800m2 is jointly held by four brothers and it is fully developed. It consists of basement, ground floor, first, second and third floors. The structure is used as a college building and the owner receive a monthly rent of Rs.8000/-. The usual outgoings may be taken as 20% of gross annual rent. Work out the share of each owner in the property.

(b) Explain –

(i) Belt method

(ii) Hypothetical building scheme method.


Three Roomed Building With Front And Back Verandah

VIII. (a) A building of replacement value of about Rs.70000/- stands on a main road on a lease hold plot. The ground rent per annum is Rs.295/-. The building is RCC framed, with a future life of 70 years. Rent of the building is Rs.400 per month. Taxes : 18% of gross rent. Insurance premium : 0.5% of gross rent. Assume usual outgoings and other necessary data determine the capitalized value on the basis of 5% net yield. Sinking fund coefficient for replacement of capital in 70 years at 3% is 0.0043.

(b) Differentiate gross rent and net rent.

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