Cochin University Previous Question Papers Cost Effective Building

Cochin University Previous Question Papers Cost Effective Building



(Answer ALL questions)

I. (a) Write short notes on rope drains.

(b) What is Brick arch foundation? Illustrate with the help of a neat sketch.

(c) What is ‘Lato blocks’? What are the advantages over conventional blocks?

(d) Write short notes on Rat trap bond masonry.

(e) What are the advantages of filler slabs over conventional RCC roofing?

(f) Write short notes on RCC brick panel roofing system.

(g) List out the field tests for testing soil samples for mud construction.

(h) What are the advantages and disadvantages of prefabrication?


II.  How can we reduce the cost of construction? List out and explain the various steps tiiat can be taken during the different stages of building construction to reduce the total cost.


III. Write short notes on:

(i) Stub foundation

(ii) Application of bamboo in foundation

(i) Sand piles


IV. Explain the usability of locally available materials in building construction.


V. Write short notes on:

(i) Concrete blocks

(ii) Stone masonry blocks

(iii) Straw Bale technology


VI. Explain the various innovative techniques of roofing that can be employed in construction to reduce the cost of construction.


VII. Write short notes on:

(i) Precast RCC joists for flooring/roofing

(ii) Funicular shells

(iii) Cellular light weight concrete roofing


VIII. What is mud stabilization? Explain the different techniques of mud stabilization.


IX. Write short notes on:

(i)  Ferro cement and its applications in construction

(ii)  Applications of industrial wastes in building process

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