Cochin University Previous Exam Papers BE CE 8th Semester Cost Effective Building Techniques April 2011

Cochin University Previous Question Papers BE CE 8th Sem

Cost Effective Building Techniques April 2011


I.   Discuss the various aspects that are to be considered for reducing the cost of construction.


II.  How the cost of superstructure can be reduced by adopting cost effective construction methods? Explain with examples.


III. Explain the various applications of local materials in the construction process.


IV. Explain the applications of industrial wastes in the construction industry.


V. Explain the various tests that can be adopted in the field to identify the suitability of mud as a construction material.


VI. Explain the different techniques of mud construction.


VII.   (a) What is prefabrication? What are its advantages?

(b) Explain the applications of prefabrication in the construction of superstructure.


VIII. Write notes on the following

(i) Lato blocks

(ii) Concrete blocks

(iii) Stabilized soil blocks

(iv) Sand lime bricks

(v) Ferro cement projects


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