Cochin University Previous Papers BE CS 8th Semester Software Engineering October 2002

Cochin University Previous Papers BE CS 8th Semester

Software Engineering October 2002


(All questions carry EQUAL marks)

I.¬†State Brook’s law. Describe waterfall model of software construction. In what kinds of project would the waterfall model suitable?


II. Describe the process of specifying a major piece of software; the main documents produced, their immediate purpose and their ongoing role in the software life cycle.


III. Discuss basic COCOMO model using an example.


IV. Discuss major factors that influ6nce software cost.


V. Using a suitable example describe DFD. Explain how it is useful in the various phases of software life cycle.


VI. Explain how structured system analysis and design facilitate software development. What are the advantages of the above procedure?


VII. What are the different levels of testing and the goals of the different levels?

(b) Explain white box and black box testing.


VIII. Discuss different formal verification techniques.


IX. Explain the concept of data abstraction. Implement STACK using Ada.


X. Discuss concurrency mechanisms with suitable examples. Give difference between asynchronous message passing and synchronous message passing.

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