CMA Exam Preparation Tips and Strategy

CMA Exam Preparation Tips & Strategy

CMA Exam Preparation Tips and Strategy

CMA Exam Preparation Tips and Strategy: The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICMAI), previously known as the Institute of Cost & Works Accountants of India (ICWAI) is a national level institute that conducts examination for Cost and Management Accountant (CMA).

If you are one among the aspirant looking to work big organizations like Public Sector Undertakings, Insurance, Electricity, Banking Companies, Public/Private Limited Companies, Infrastructure Companies and Manufacturing and Service Industries as a Cost and Management Accountant, then you must clear ICWAI CMA Exam 2020.

In this article, you will get the complete CMA Exam Preparation Tips.

CMA Exam Preparation Tips

ICWA CMA is conducted in three stages: CMA foundation, CMA Intermediate, and CMA Finals. The CMA exam is scheduled to be held in the month of June 2020. As there is an ample amount of time for the exam, here are few CMA Exam Preparation Tips and Strategy to score more. Go through the blog to know more in detail.

ICWAI/ ICMAI CMA Overview 2020

Exam Conducting Authority Institute of Cost Accountants of India
Year 2020
Purpose To pursue CMA courses –

Foundation, Inter and Final

Mode of Exam Offline
Application Mode Online
Eligibility 10+2 pass
Official Website
 Exam Date June 2020

Ultimate CMA Exam Preparation Tips To Crack The Exam

There are different ways you can prepare for an exam based on your interest, learning style, your content familiarity and how well you can practice for the exam. Below are some CMA Exam Preparation tips by experts.

  • Create A Proper Plan: Make a study plan firstly. Allocate time for each topic and make sure you complete the portions on time.
  • Proper Concentration: Avoid taking breaks simply while studying. Try to complete a topic at one stretch without any breaks.
  • Highlight Key Concepts: When reading, highlight key ideas, especially unfamiliar ones. Reread later to ensure comprehension.
  • Buy Enough Books: Make sure you have the best CMA Books PDF for preparation. Buy the latest and updated CMA Books online.
  • Clear The Concepts From Text Books: Pay particular attention to the terms and equations highlighted in your textbook, and be sure to learn the acronyms in the CMA body of knowledge. You can buy a wide range of CMA Foundation Books available online.
  • Highlight Important Points: Use the flashcard for writing down important points, keywords, and other necessary stuff.
  • Revise Properly: Try to revise topics again after you have completed one round of studying. During your revision period eliminate the questions you can easily answer from your stack so you can concentrate on the more challenging topics and terms.
  • Take CMA Mock Tests: Take up CMA Mock tests to ensure you have prepared well. This helps in analyzing your preparation levels and improve your speed.
  • Proper Utilization Of Time: Make sure you complete studying all the topics in stipulated time. Try to complete all the portion once before starting your revision.
  • Solve CMA Previous year Question Papers: Solve more of CMA Previous year Question Papers which can help you to get explored to different types of questions. This way you can improve your speed and accuracy. You will also learn to manage your time.
  • Learn Essay Answers: Learn to write an effective essay answer using Essay Exam Support Materials in the Books of CMA.
  • Use Important Points in Essay Answers: Learn how points are awarded for essay answers, ensuring that you get the most points possible for each answer, even when you are challenged by a question.
  • Prepare Correctly For The Exam: Ensure you are both well rested and physically prepared for the exam day as each exam is four hours in length with no breaks.
  • Practice To Answer More MCQs and Essay questions: Learning how to answer a multiple-choice and essay exam and being mentally and physically prepared, can improve your grade significantly.
  • Provide Right Concentration: Know the content and be prepared to deal with challenges with a focused, confident, and flexible attitude.

With these CMA Exam Preparation Tips by experts, there is no doubt that you can score more in the upcoming CMA Exam. You can go through CMA Scanners available online for a more detailed explanation of all topics.

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