CSTU Question Paper – Environment and Ecology – II SEM – 2010

Environment & Ecology (BE 2nd sem ,April-May 2010) Branch–  AEI,Chemistry,Civil,CSE,Elect,EEE,EI,ET & T ,IT, Mech,Mining UNIT 1   Q1 ) (a) Who coined the term Eco system (b) What is Ecological Pyramids? Describe Different Kinds of Ecological Pyramids (c) Write short notes on (any two) : 1-Environmental Degradation 2-Oxygen cycle 3-Nutrient Cycling 4-Nitrogen Cycle (d)What is … Read more

E book A Effective Communication Tools

Ebooks are effective means of communicating. They allow you to express your ideas in a unique way that will reach many people. E-books are the latest successful communication trend. 1. As Technology Advances, Communication Advances. We live in a digital age. The popularity of blogs shows the influence that the internet has had on our … Read more

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