Anna University Web Technology Model Test Paper

Anna University Web Technology Model Test Paper


 Time:  Three Hours                                                                      Maximum : 100 Marks

 Part – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

1.         Explain frame set.

2.         Explain loop back address.

3.         What is the need for super config (Config Object)

4.         What is the difference between content handler and protocol handler.

5.         Explain URL, URI, URN

6.         Define remote method Invocation and Remote Object activation.

7.         What is meant by EDI? List out 2 EDI applications.

8.         Explain the difference between TCP and UDP.

9.         Explain HTTP request and HTTP response.

10.       What is the use of scripting language.


PART – B (5 X 16 = 80 MARKS)


11.       Write a client server program in java.  The server can able to serve more than one client.


12.a)    Write short notes on: (i)  FTP  (ii)  Telnet  (iii) Browser  (iv)  Plug-ins




12.b)    Write short notes on. (i) Internet Address Class  (ii)  URL CLass


13.a)    Write short notes on (i) image mapping (ii) Links (iii)  Lists  (iv)  Tables




13.b)i)  Write a java script program to randomly display the image from a image pool.

ii)  Design your own personal webpage using forms and get the values, use all the form elements and validate the same using script.


14.a)    What are the advantages of RMI? Explain the working principle of RMI with suitable example.




14.b)    Write a servlet program to retrieve data from the database (Use your own data base)


15.a)    What is meant by CGZ? Explain in detail about CGI environment variables. How do you integrate CGI with HTML pages?  Explain with an example.




15.b)    Write a servlet program for inter servelet (Servlet – to – Servlet) Communication.



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