Anna University Rubber Engineering Model Test Paper

Anna University Rubber Engineering Model Test Paper


Time: 3hrs                                                                                          Max Marks: 100

Answer ALL Questions

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

1.How does the ozone affect the molecular structure of natural rubber?

2.What is called smoked sheet? How is it made?

3.What are called accelerators and accelerator activators? Give examples for each.

4.What are called age resistors? Give example.

5.How is polychloroprene elastomer cured?

6.What is the importance of compression set characteristics of silicone rubber?

7.How are soft and hard segments in thermoplastic polyurethane elastomer imparted?

8.How are random and block styrene – butadiene rubbers produced?

9.How are latex foam products made?

10.What is called micro cellular rubber? Mention its applications.


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

Question 11 is compulsory


11.a.i)  Discuss the steps involved in the latex stabilization and dry rubber.

ii)  How are modified natural rubbers produced.


12.a)What is called compounding of rubber? Name the different ingredients used for rubber compounding in a sequential order and mention the functions of each.




b)      How is vulcanization of elastomeric products carried out? Discuss both sulphur and non-sulphur vulcanization mechanism.


13.a)   Describe the manufacture of polyurethane elastomers with different hardness range and mention their applications.




b) How is EPDM elastomer made? Name the different diene units incorporated in EPDM? Mention the advantages of EDPM over other synthetic elastomers. (16)

14.a)   How is thermoplastic polyester elastomers made? Discuss its properties and applications.



b)Discuss the properties and applications of thermoplastic polyamide elastomers.

15.a)How are Cellular elastomer produced?



b)How are the following rubber products made?

i) V-belt and   ii)    Fuel resistant hose



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