Anna University question papers B Tech -Fifth Semester-Fabric Structure

question papers

Anna University B Tech -Fifth Semester

Fabric Structure 

Textile Technology


Time: 3 Hours

 Max. Marks: 100

Answer all the Questions

Part A  (10 x 2 = 20 marks)


1.Give the influence of thread spacing on fabric cover.

2.What are complementary colours.

3.Mention the advantages of using point paper in textile designing.

4.What are broken twills.

5.State a difference of ordinary and brightness honeycomb.

6.State the application areas of welts and piques.

7.How do you produce spot effect by using extra warp.

8.What are interchangeable double cloths.

9.State the applications of special jacquards.

10.List the various types of ornamentation on jacquards.


Part B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

11.What are complementary colours. Explain the pigments theory of colours.


12.A    What are the characteristic features of a bedford cord weave. Explain the constructions of bedford crod weaves on point paper.


12.B    Draw the design of mock leno and luck-a-back weaves and explain their suitability for toweling fabrics.



13.A    Describe with the aid of simple diagrams how a leno effect is produced in the loom. Give the design and drawing-in and lifting plans for any simple leno structure.


13.B    Show the cross sectional diagrams and explain the method of disposing of the surplus extra threads in figured fabric. How will you produce a figure effect by using extra warp.


14.A    Explain in detail the factors which led to the development of the specialised jacquards.



14.B    Describe the application of special jacquards with an example.


15.A    What are the elements of swivel design. Explain the basic operations in swivel weaving.



15.B    List the various types of ornamentation. What are the advantages of swivel method of ornamentation against lappet systems.

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