Anna University Question Paper Marine Auxiliary Machinery I

Anna University Question Paper Marine Auxiliary Machinery I


Time : 3 Hours                                                                                    Maximum Marks 100

ANSWER ALL QUESTIONS                                                       PART – A  ( 10 x 2 = 20 marks )

1.Why Priming is required in a Centrifugal Pump?

2.Explain the term “BACK LASH” with respect to gear pump.

3.What do you understand by the term “Hunting Gear” of a steering system of a ship?

4.State four important properties of steering system hydraulic oil?

5.What is the purpose of “Sacrificial Anodes” in a heat exchanger?

6.State the materials used for i) TUBES, ii) End covers of a tubular type heat exchanger.

7.Name four important properties of a good fuel used for combustion in I.C. Engines?

8.What is the function of “Dam Ring” in ‘Oil Separators’.

9.Define a) ‘E’ Coliform, b)  Arabic compound with respect to sewage plant.

10.Explain the function of “Pilot Burner” in an Incinerator.


PART-B ( 5 x 16 = 80 Marks )


11.a)Sketch and describe a positive displacement pump, which is fitted with an Air Vessel in the discharge side.                                                                    (10 marks)

b)Explain the Principle of an “Ejector”                                                         (6 marks)


12.a)i)  Explain with sketches the function of a “Telemotor and “Receiver” of an All Hydraulic steering system of a ship.                                                        (10 marks)

ii)  Explain with sketch the function of the “Telemotor by Pass Valve in the above mentioned system.                                                                                      (6 marks)


12.b)i)  Explain the principle of an ALL Electric Steering system.                       (6 marks)

ii)  Sketch and describe an ALL Electric steering system                             (10 marks)

13.a)i) Sketch and describe a Tubular type Lube Oil Cooler (Double Pass Type)                    used in a ship showing clearly the passages of hot and cold fluid and state the materials used for various parts                                                               (10 marks)


ii) Sketch the arrangements made for taking up differential expansion         (6 marks)


13.b)i)  Sketch and describe a plate type heat exchanger used in a ship showing                  clearly the hot and cold fluid passages and stat the materials used.         (10 marks)


ii)  State with reasons the advantages of plate type coolers                            (6 marks)


14.a)i)  State and explain the important properties of fuel used in Marine Diesel Engines

(10 marks)

ii)   Explain the importance of controlling the viscosity of fuel before injecting into             the Engine Cylinder                                                                                    (6 marks)


14.b)i)  Explain the process of combustion in marine Diesel Engines                 (10 marks)


ii)  Explain the effect of bad combustion in marine Diesel Engines               (6 marks)


15.a)i)  Sketch and describe a system used for burning the waste oil and sludge and             explain the safety features.                                                                       (10 marks)


ii)  State the Marpol regulation of seven Annextures                                      (6 marks)


15.b)i)  Define the terms “ANAROBIC COMPOUND”  ‘BOD5’ with respect to sewage plant.

ii)  Sketch and describe an approved sewage plant used in ships traveling in    American waters.                                                                                      (10 marks)



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