Anna University Previous question Papers-BE- Automobile Engineering-VI-Sem-Vehicle Body Engineering




PART – A                                                                                                                                                                                                  (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1. How are the bus bodies classified?

2. List out the importance of vehicle body design.

3. Indicate the special features Limousine and Estate Cars.

4. How the forward and rearward visibility of a vehicle can be improved?

5. Indicate the seating dimensions for the driver of a passenger car.

6. Indicate the following panels on a sketch : N/S main side panel bay 3, roof panel bay 1, O/S valence panel, O/S main side panel bay 4.

7. What is meant by a Wind tunnel? How are they classified?

8. Explain Compact driver’s cab design.

9. What is a F.R.P? Indicate its merits and demerits as body material.

10. What is meant by body trim?


PART – B                        (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)

11. (i) List out the advantages and disadvantages of an Integral bus.

(ii) Explain the design and construction of Integral bus.

(iii) Compare the performance of an Integral bus with that of Conventional bus.

12. a)  (i)   Explain the safety aspects of a car.

(ii)  Explain in brief various safety equipments of a car

( OR )

b)  (i)   Explain the Construction of a passenger car

(ii)   Explain the construction of underbody, scuttle panel and bonnet of a passenger car.

13. a)  (i)   What are the various aerodynamic forces and moments that act on a  car body?

(ii)  Explain how optimization techniques can be used to reduce the drag due to modification of forehead and front wind screen of a car.

( OR )

b)  (i)   Illustrate the different forms of aerodynamic drag

(ii)   Explain how air flow visualization  test can be conducted using a  Wind tunnel.


14. a)  (i)   Indicate bus body regulation for design and construction

(ii)  Explain the construction of conventional bus body with relevant sketches.

( OR )

b)  (i)   Illustrate the effect of driver’s seat inclination and steering column inclination  on the force applied by the driver on driving controls.

(ii)   Explain the construction of Drop – side body vehicle.

15. a)  (i)   What is meant by segmental design of driver’s cab?

(ii)  List out the various factors to be considered in the design of driver’s seat.

( OR )

b)  (i)   Write a note on different types of corrosion of vehicle bodies

(ii)   Explain the painting procedure adopted for a car.

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