Anna University Powder Metallurgy Model Test Paper

Anna University Powder Metallurgy Model Test Paper



 TIME – 3 Hours                                                                    MAXIMUM : 100 Marks                                                     PART – A                     (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1.Define the term “Powder Metallurgy”.

2.List any four advantages of powder metallurgy

3.What are the limitations of powder metallurgy when compared to conventional forming techniques.

4.Define specific surface area.

5.What are the factors that influence apparent density?

6.Define “sintering”.

7.Briefly explain powder conditioning  heat treatment.

8.What is the role of lubricants in powder compaction?

9.What do you mean by pressure-less shaping of powders?

10.What do you mean by “cermet”, give one example.

PART – B                   (5 X 16 = 80 Marks)

 11.  Discuss four different methods of powder production.

Discuss the advantages and  limitations of each one of them                    (16)


12. a.   Discuss in detail different methods of sampling.                                      (16)


( OR )

  1. Explain the different stages of manufacturing of powder metallurgy component.                                                                                                    (16)


13. a) (i) Discuss with one example, the principles of powder manufacturing

by the following methods Ball milling, Thermal decomposition,

Carbonyl process and Electrolysis.                                                          (8)


(ii) Discuss the characteristics of the powders produced by the above

methods.                                                                                                       (8)

( OR )

  b. (i) Discuss atomization process of producing  powders and

its advantages?                                                                                             (8)


(ii) Discuss the type of equipment used and the factors influencing the

nature of powders                                                                                          (8)


14.a) Discuss in detail pressure-less compaction and pressure compaction

techniques.                                                                                                       (16)

( OR )

  1. Discuss hot isostatic pressing (HIP) and  roll compacting methods of powder compaction.                                                                                     (16)


15. a)   Discuss various stages of manufacturing sintered friction materials.     (16)

( OR )


      b)  Discuss the production of cemented carbide tools                                    (16)

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