Anna University Microcontroller and Applications Model Paper

Anna University Microcontroller and Applications Model Paper

Microcontroller & Applications


TIME – 3 Hours                                                                    MAXIMUM : 100 Marks

PART – A                     (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1. Give any two advantages of microcontroller based system over microprocessor based systems.

2. How does 8051 differentiate between the external and internal program memory ?

3. Give the addressing modes used in the following instructions.

    1. ADD A, R3
    2. ADD A, @R0

4. Give any four Boolean operations that can be performed using 8051 microcontroller.

5. Name the control lines used by 8051 microcontroller to address external memory.

6. What is the need of crystal test in 8051 based microcontroller system designs?

7. Give a method to measure the width of an unknown pulse using 8051 microcontroller.

8. Give a method to increase the interrupt handling capacity of 8051 microcontroller.

9. Why shift register mode is not suitable for 8051 communications?

10, Give any four applications of microcontrollers.


PART – B                  (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11. Explain the mode – 2 operation in serial data communication of 8051 with an assembly language program.                                                                       (16)


12. a) Draw and explain the internal architecture of 8051 in detail              (16)

( OR )

b) Explain the timer modes of operation of 8051 in detail.                       (16)


13. a) (i) Explain the various addressing modes of 8051 with examples.                (8)

(ii) Write an assembly language program in 8051 to find the sum of 20 elements in an array. (8)

( OR )

b) (i)  Explain the types of JUMP and CALL instructions of 8051 with examples.              (8)

(ii) Write an assembly language program in 8051 to generate a delay of 10 ms.             (8)


14. a) Explain in detail                                                                                          (16)

(i) RAM Test

(ii) ROM Test


( OR )

b) Explain the look-up table conversion mechanism in 8051. Write a look-up table program that converts the hexadecimal numbers (0 – F) to its ASCII equivalent.                                  (16)


15. a) Explain the interfacing of A/D converter with 8051 microcontroller.

Write an assembly language program for the same.               (16)


( OR )

b) Explain how intelligent LCD displays can be interfaced with 8051 Microcontroller? Write an assembly language program for the same.                                                                      (16)

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