Anna University Industrial Instrumentation II Model Test Paper

Anna University Industrial Instrumentation II Model Test Paper


Time: 3hrs                                                                                                        Max Marks: 100

Answer all Questions

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1. Define relative humidity.

2. Differentiate kinematic viscosity from specific viscosity.

3. What are the advantages offered by the pulsed d.c excitation electromagnetic flow meters in comparison with d.c and a.c excitation

4. What are the different types of orifice plates used for flow measurement?

5. How is flow rate related to Reynold’s number for laminar and non-laminar flows?

6. Write the working principle of target flow meter.

7. What are the advantages of ultrasonic flow meter?

8. Distinguish between the float type and displacer type liquid level gauges.

9. Define range ability of flow meters.

10. What is the use of gas purge system?


       PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)


11. Describe with neat sketches, the construction and working principle of the following types of flow meters.

(i) Venturi tube                                                                                           (8)

(ii) Pitot tube                                                                                               (8)


12.a)    Explain any two types of hygrometers used for humidity measurement, with neat sketch, principle and operation.



b)    Describe the principle and operation of a say bolt viscometer and discuss about its utility.


13.a)    Describe with neat sketch the construction and working of a Rotameter. Also discuss about its Advantages and disadvantages.



13.b)i)  Explain with neat sketch the working principle of flow meter used for measuring unsteady flow of gases.                                                                                              (8)

ii) How can we calibrate the liquid flow meter?                                                           (8)


14.a)i)  What are the precautions taken while measuring flow by electromagnetic flow meter? (8)

ii)  Discuss the advantages & Disadvantages of Electromagnetic flow meters and also explain the application of EM flow meter.                                                                   (8)




14.b)i)  Illustrate the principle of operation of ultrasonic Doppler flow meter.                  (8)

ii)  Describe the selection procedure for the flow measurement device.                     (8)


15.a)    Describe an ultra sonic type level gauging system ad explain with neat sketch. Show how the digital outputs are directly related to the level measurement?




15.b)    Which type of level indicator is used for level measurement in condenser? Explain with neat sketch.

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