Anna University Genetics Model Test Paper

Anna University Genetics Model Test Paper

III Semester


Max. Marks: 100                                                                                           Time: 3 hours


PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)

Answer ALL the Questions


1. State precisely the rules of segregation and independent assortment ?

2. If 2 black mice are crossed 10 black and 3 white mice result?

Which allele is dominant? Which allele is recessive?

3. What is meant by interrupted mating?

4. What is meant by directed evolution?

5. What is a testcross and a backcross?

6. What is non-reciprocity and crisscross inheritance?

7. What is XY method of sex determintion?

8. Mention 2 genetic disorders and what are the symptoms associated with it?

9. What is synteny test and assignment test?

10. What is paracentric and pericentric inversion?


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)

Question No. 11 is compulsory


11. The following three recessive markers are known in lab mice. ‘h’ hotfoot, ‘o’ obese, ‘wa’ waved. A trihybrid of unknown origin is testcrossed producing the following offspring


Hotfoot, obese, waved                 367

Hotfoot obese                                 84

Waved                                             76

Obese                                              89

Wild-type                                      343

Obese, waved                                 21

Hotfoot                                           20





(a)    if the genes are linked, determine the relative order and the map distance between them.

(b)   Is there any crossover interference? If yes, how much?

12. Outline the sexual processes in bacteria. How is transformation mapping useful in mapping bacterial chromosomes?


What is lysogeny and transduction? How is generalized transduction used in mapping genes?


13. What is a plasmid? How does one integrate into a host chromosome? How does it leave? How can you use the technique to map genes?


Differentiate between heterotroph and auxotroph ?

Differentiate between Resistance and sensitivity

Differentiate between Minimal and complete medium

Differentiate between Enriched and selective medium

Differentiate between Plaque and colony

Differentiate between Prokaryotes and eukaryotes

Differentiate between Lysogeny and lytic cycle

Differentiate between ZW method and XY method of sex determination.


14. What are the characteristics of the different modes of inheritance (autosomal dominant etc). Draw a pedigree for each of the following?


Describer the experiments which substantiated that genes are made of DNA.


15. Illustrate the cytological basis of crossing over by experiment of Creighton and McClintock.


What is somatic cell hybridization? How is it useful to map human genes?

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