Anna University Garment Technology Model Test Paper

Anna University Garment Technology Model Test Paper

(Garment Technology)

Answer ALL Questions

PART – A  (2 x 10 = 20 marks)


1.Classify garments according to the end use.

2.What is nest grading?

  1. State the factors that affect marker efficiency.
  2. Mention the uses and advantages of sloper.
  3. Define Ticket number.
  4. What are the reasons for puckering?
  5. Write a short note on Wadding.
  6. What is the need of creasing operation in garment making?
  7. State the advantages of garment dyeing.
  8. List a few types of protective garments.
  9.                                 PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)

11.i)Describe in detail, the major characteristics which are necessary for fabrics used to make garments and their importance in selection of fabrics for Casual wear, Sports wear, Military wear and Inner wear.


12.a)i)  Brief on the quality requirements of spreading.

ii)  Discuss in detail about the important factors to be considered while marker planning.


12.b) Describe in detail about the methods of pattern making and their basic principles.

13.a)i)  Classify seams.

ii)  Explain the applications of different classes of seams with neat sketch.


13.b)i)  What are the different fabric feeding mechanisms available in sewing machines?

ii)  Explain four important mechanisms available in machines used for sewing apparels.

14.a)Give a detailed account on functional and fancy components attached to the garments and their quality requirements.


14.b) Explain the methods adopted in pressing and packing of apprels.

15.a)i)  Write a note on selection of sewing threads for garments meant for garment dyeing.        ii)  Give an account on the garment dyeing machines


15.b)Give an overall account on Protective garments.


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