Anna university exam papers,B-ARCH , Material and construction -VI- Sem






INSTRUCTION:  Drawing sheets will be provided.

Use both sides of the drawing sheet.

Part A must be answered in the main Answer Booklet only.


PART – A     (10 x 4 = 40)
1.Discuss the merits and demerits of cast in – situ piles.
2.What is Ferro cement?
3.Sketch some of the important detailing and fitting for physically handicapped in lifts and escalators.
4.Explain the terms

(i)  Lift performance criteria

(ii)  Transportation capacity

5.What do you understand by brick furnicular shell system?

6.Write short notes on tensile structures.

7.What are the different types of lifts? Sketch any 2 types showing its dimensions?

8.Discuss the different layouts for lifts.

9.Sketch a typical waffle shell system in 1:5 Scale.

10.What is a pile cap? What are its functions?


PART – B   (4 X 15 = 60)


 11 .An office complex in the heart of a Metropolitan city with 6 floors and 1000 persons at an average has to have lift for vertical transportation discuss the number of lifts required & the lift arrangement. Give detailed plan & section  showing all the details.

12. a.Draw a plan and longitudinal section of an escalator connecting two levels in a shopping center of 6 m. in height to suitable scale. The width of the escalator is 1.2 m. Give any two details to scale to explain the construction and specification.


b.A Client is interested in building a farm house using innovative construction system. Draw to a suitable scale, two alternative details for

a)      Wall

b)      Roof

c)      Floor


13. a.Under what circumstances do you use pile foundation? What are the types of piles available for foundation and high lights its uses? Draw a typical under reamed foundation lay out for a single bedroom independent house.


  1. b.Explain in detail the Mechanical Safety systems used for Horizontal belt conveyors & moving walk way with suitable illustration.

14. a.What are the precautions to be taken during casting and curring of Ferro cement? Mention the properties, uses and application of Ferro cement in  building construction with suitable illustration.

b.Write short notes on

i) Folded plate structures

ii) Space frame

iii)Pneumatic structures.


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