Anna University exam papers- B-Sc & M-Sc 5 year programme- Ist semester

Anna University, B.Sc. & M.Sc 5 year programme, I semester,

BCS III –English I


PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 marks)

Answer all questions

1 Match the words in Column A with their meanings in Column B.

i. soar deep depression or ditch
ii. swarm rise high
iii. coincide cluster
iv. deterioration occur at the same time


2. Fill in the blanks with suitable prepositions.


The story _____ the English language is typically one ______ massive stealing ______ other languages. That is why English today has an estimated vocabulary ______ over one million words.


3. Use the following as Gerunds in sentences of your own.

  1. narrating
  2. walking


4. Change the voice of the following sentences.

i) We use effective methods to preserve ground water.

ii) Computers are used by children in schools these days.


5. Rewrite the following sentences as directed.

i) As soon as the sun rose in the sky they started chanting the prayers. (Rewrite the sentence using “No sooner ——- than”.)

ii) Even though he worked hard he failed in the examination. (Rewrite the sentence using “Inspite of”.)


6. Fill in the blanks with the appropriate tense forms of verbs given in brackets.

i) When Anna was 14, she ________ (see) a pair of falcons in a shop.

ii) The double helical structure of DNA, today, __________ (represent) to many, a double-edged sword.

iii) Scientists _________ (improve) human life to a very large extent.

iv) The technical cell ________ (advise) the contractors on the designs of the tubewell, in future.


7. Fill in the blanks with relative pronouns like ‘which’, ‘where’ and ‘who’.

i) India is a land ______ people, at every level, participate to ensure regenerative management of land.

ii) This novel ______ has been written by Charles Dickens is about social evils.

iii) He ______ is honest in his dealings with others will always be rewarded.

iv) This is an industrial society _____ has combined the wisdom of nature with the genius of human innovation and invention.


8. i. Give synonyms for the following expressions.

a. answer

b. start


ii. Give antonyms for the following expressions.

a. encouragement

b. permanent


9. Rewrite the following words using any one of the prefixes provided. ‘inter-’, ‘under-’, ‘thermo-’, ‘sub-’,

i. title, ii. nourished, iii. nuclear, iv. collegiate


10. Form correct questions for the following answers.

Qn: _____________

Ans: I have already read the ‘Wings of Fire’ written by our President.

Qn: _____________

Ans: I spend my leisure time mostly listening to music and reading novels.


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)


11. Read the text and answer the questions that follow:


According to the Chairman of the Central Ground Water Authority (CGWA), the problems related to water depletion and pollution are widespread and serious. “The first is the depletion of the groundwater sources in the country, because the demand is increasing and the surface water sources are fully committed.  The second problem we are facing is the pollution problem.  Because of industrial pollution, a lot of areas have been affected, and there is natural pollution also – high fluorides, high arsenic, high iron”. At present more than 50 percent of the water requirements are met with only groundwater.


Different parts of the country have uneven utilisation and different problems.  In the canal-fed north there is trouble from water logging.  On the coast there is influx of saline water into the aquifer.  We have a country stretching from the desert areas to the snow covered mountains.  The coastal area production is becoming another problem, because most of the industries have shifted to the coastal area and are utilising the groundwater, with the result that even the good drinking water – potable, safe drinking water – is not available to the poor in cities there”.


It is not the lack of water so much as geographic distribution that poses problems. Water sources are plenty, but the cost to harness them will be very heavy.  India is a little different from other countries. When the Himalayas were lifted, a crust was formed that very soon got filled up with water. Up to 2, 500 metres, it is full of water.  But our southern states do not have the advantage. So this is the right time to start with conservation, with artificial recharging of the system or whatever else is available.


Pollution laws must be enforced and people educated about the seriousness of the situation. The Supreme Court has already given guidelines that all effluent to be discharged should be treated up to a certain standard so that groundwater doesn’t get polluted.  Many industries are still discharging untreated effluent. Stringent punishments should be inflicted on such people.  So the law needs to be very strict in handling such a situation.


Taking measures against industry is possible, but taking measures against private individuals is more difficult. CGWA is organising many awareness programmes going to the common man with literature in the local language, just to make people understand how serious the problem is. The information is accessible to anyone who wants it. They are also trying to put all the information on the Internet so that anyone can download the information from the web site.


In India there are many private contractors who take their machinery, just drill and install a tube well. They are not backed up by any technical organisation, or technical personnel. They are illiterate people, most of them, and that is their trade, so, the CGWA wants to create a technical cell that can advise them on the designs of the tube well so that India’s underground system does not get destroyed.


i.  Identify the causes for the problems given:


Problem                                                                    Causes

a)         The depletion of the Groundwater                 i)  —————————-

Sources.                                                        —————————-

b)         Pollution                                                    ii)  —————————-



ii.         Complete the following statements on uneven water utilisation problems


a)      In the north  ————————————————————————-

b)      On the coast ————————————————————————-

c)      Because of the shift of industries to the coastal area ————————–


iii.  Write the effects of the cause given:


Cause                                                                      Effects.

a) Lifting of the Himalayas                                        —————————-


iv. Write the solutions suggested for the problems stated.


Problem                                                                  Solution

a) Insufficient amount of water in the                ——————————

Southern States.                                                            ——————————

b) Discharge of untreated effluent                      ——————————

c) Creating an awareness of the                          ——————————

intensity of the problem in the minds              ——————————

of individuals.                                                  ——————————

d) The improper design of the tubewell              ——————————

that affects India’s underground system.        ——————————


12.a)    Write a letter to the General manager of a well-reputed firm requesting him to inaugurate a five-day international conference of your Department giving all details of the conference. Limit it to 200 Words


12.b)    Write a letter of two paragraphs 150 words each, to the Editor of a popular newspaper complaining about the different kinds of pollution that affect your locality, their sources, effects and remedial measures.


13. Write a coherent paragraph of 200 words on one of the following topics.


13.a)    The factors to be borne in mind before and while attending an interview.


13.b)    Rainwater Harvesting.


14. Rearrange the jumbled-up sentences in a coherent paragraph.


i) Computers can also investigate geographical differences or even historic events situated within meaningful contexts, which is of great use to secondary level students.

ii) For example just imagine, a biology teacher explaining the respiratory system.

iii) To solve this problem the teacher can get them to watch an animation sequence, where the learners can see all the activity happening in the respiratory system for the deeper understanding of the subject.

iv) Computers can be used in schools and colleges for investigating mathematical processes, scientific concepts and language patterns and framework.

v) The senior secondary students have a lot more to access and learn from animated software based on science.

vi) Just in case, the class does not understand it thoroughly, how many times do you think the teacher could practically repeat his explanation of the respiratory system.

vii0 They can design electric circuits on a computer and learn whether it will actually work or not.

viii) Similarly our physics students can easily come to terms with difficult laws of electricity, force or energy, besides so many other concepts.



i. One reason for this advantage is that customers are getting visually sophisticated and driving the market trend.

ii. But, in the past, companies focussed on computerising their back-end operations only.

iii. Organisations are thus realising the value of real-time and quality products ably supported by their visual impact.

iv. Another reason is its innovative blend of form with function, and, of course, cost and ease-of-use of all manufactured products.

v As we enter the new millennium, businesses are recognising that design is becoming a key competitive advantage.

vi. From cars to washing machines to phones, there is constant pressure on vendors to innovate and provide better product designs with regularity at present.

vii. Then came the front-end focus and they are fast realising the importance of design.

viii. The importance of design lies in the fact that an investment of a mere three to five percent of the total company budget can make a vast impact on the sales and bottom line of that firm.


15. Draw a fish bone diagram and jot down points highlighting the merits and demerits of

Gene manipulation.


Computerisation in India.

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