Anna University Exam Paper BE-VI Sem-Airframe Maintenance And Repair



 B.E. Aeronautical Engineering, VI SEMESTER



TIME – 3 Hours                                                                                                                                                                          MAXIMUM : 100 Marks

PART A                     (10 X 2 = 20 Marks)



1.         What type of steel is commonly used for tubular steel structures in Aircraft?

2.         Describe the method that may be employed to detect small cracks in a welded joint.

3.         Explain scar joint

4.         Define sweat soldering.

5.         Explain “Edge distance” for Rivet

6.         What is a bonded structure?

7.         What method may be used to determine when an Aircraft is level?

8.         Write down the propable causes for “Lack of pressure” in hydraulic systems.

9.         How can leaks in a fuel tank be discovered?

10.       What inspection are carried out on Aircraft compass?


PART B                     (5 X 16 = 80 Marks)


11.                   Describe the procedure for repairing bends and Dents from steel tubing.      16


12.       (a)        Explain safe – life design and fair safe design. Explain the procedure for

bending sheet metal. And list out the precautions while cutting sheet metal. 16


( OR )


(b)               What is the philosophy of Non-destructive testing ? Briefly explain various

NDT methods.                                                                                                          16


13.       (a)        What do you understand by Aircraft Rigging? Explain the procedure for levelling the Aircraft and effects of Rigging on flight.                                     16


( OR )


(b)               Discuss about Helicopter vibrations. List the different methods for tracking

main rotor blades and explain in detail about any one method.                               16



14.       (a)        What precautions should be observed in the use of hydraulic fluids?

Describe the inspection procedure of a hydraulic systems filters.              16


( OR )

(b)               Why it is necessary to bleed brakes? Explain in detail about various methods

for bleeding of Brakes. List out the various points in inspection of brakes.  16


15.       (a)        Name three types of oxygen systems with respect to the method by which oxygen is stored on the aircraft. Briefly explain about the system. List out the maintenance and service of a fixed system in a light twin engine Aircraft.      16


( OR )

(b)               Discuss the handling of instruments to avoid damage. Describe the procedure

of inspection and maintenance of instruments and system.                           16



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