Anna University Environmental Biotechnology Exam Paper

Anna University Environmental Biotechnology Exam Paper

(V Semester)



Max. Marks: 100                                                                                           Time: 3 hours


PART – A (10 X 2 = 20 Marks)

Answer ALL the Questions

1. Define Rhizosphere?

2. Explain the terms (a) generation or doubling time (b) Mean Growth Rate Constant.

3. What are nif genes and nod genes?

4. Distinguish between mutualism and Parasitism?

5. What is bioremediation?

6. How are PCBs biodegraded?

7. What are the characteristics of wastewater?

8. Determine and comment about the sludge settleability of an activated sludge process, sludge volume after 30 min. is 500 ml/l, MLSS is 30 mg/l.

9. Discuss polymerase chain reaction?

10. Explain cometabolism. Why is it important in microbial modifications of many chemicals?

PART – B (5 X 16 = 80 Marks)

Question No. 11 is compulsory


11. (a) In an aeration tank of volume 10,000 m3, the flow rate was 2500 m3/d. The concentration of mixed liquor suspended solid and effluent solids were 250 g/L and 125 g/L respectively. If the amount of sludge wasted is 100 kg/d, calculate the sludge age.

(b) Calculate the time it will take to increase the cell number from 104 CFU/ml to 108 CFU/ml assuming a generation time of 1.5 hr.

(c) How many mg/L of Cr2O2-are consumed if the COD of a wastewater sample is 450 mg/L.


12. Discuss about the biogeochemical role of soil      microorganisms?


Discuss about the microbial activities in porous media?

13. Explain the biodegradative route of catechol and      toluene in Pseudomonas putida species.


Explain about pesticide degradation pattern and how the petroleum products are degraded?

14. Explain about biological wastewater treatment.


Explain the mathematical modeling of an aerobics.

15. How the tannery effluent is treated and explain the      waster water characteristics of textile dye effluent.


Write short notes on

(i) Gene cloning                      (ii) Single Cell Protein

(iii) Solid Waste processing    (iv) Cell mass Measurement

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