Anna University Computer Networks Model Test Paper

Anna University Computer Networks Model Test Paper



Time:  3 Hours                                                                                           Max. Marks: 100

PART-A  ( 10 x 2 = 20  Marks)


1.         What are the uses of Computer network?

2.         What is the Principal difference between connectionless and connection oriented communication?

3.         What is the similarity and difference between congestion control and flow control?

4.         Enumerate any four reasons for using layered protocols.

5.         Give the applications of Frame relay Service.

6.         What are the layers and protocols used in ATM?

7.         What are the requirements to connect two different networks (Ethernet and  Token ring) in the lower layers?

8.         Briefly explain ALOHA and slotted ALOHA protocols.

9.         Discuss the issues in transport layer.

10.       Justify the need for encryption and decryption used in Data Communication

PART-B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11.       Explain with a neat sketch, the functions of the protocols used in each layer of the OSI model and illustrate how communication is taking place between two end systems.


12.a)i)  Discuss the various types of encoding and modulation techniques used in Data communication.


ii)  Explain two types of guided media and two types of unguided media transfer in networks.





12.b)    Explain in detail, how communication is taking place starting from connection establishment, data transfer and connection termination in


(j)                 Circuit switching and (ii) Packet switching.


13.a)i)  Give the functions of Repeater, Switch and Hub.


ii)  Why do you need routing protocols? Explain the operation of any two routing algorithms.




13.b)    Explain in detail, how sliding window protocol is used in HDCC for full duplex lines with window size 4.


14.a)    Give the Frame Relay Protocol Architecture and explain the functions of each one.


14.b)i)  Explain cell delineation state diagram during Transmission of ATM Cells.


ii)  Explain the requirements for ATM traffic and congestion control.


15.a)i)  Define and explain the data link layer in IEEE 802 project. Why is this layer divided into sub layers?

Describe the function of each sub layer.


ii)   Compare the Ethernet architecture with Token Ring.



15.b)    Write short notes on:


(i) FDDI          (ii) E-Mail        (iii) Wireless LAN       (iv) ATM LAN



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