Anna University Component Based Technology Model Exam Paper

Anna University Component Based Technology Model Exam Paper



Time:  Three Hours                                                                      Maximum : 100 Marks


Answer All The Questions

PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1.         Name the different types of components available.

2.         What is meant by COM?

3.         Define remote reference.

4.         Give the meaning of persistence of object.

5.         What is factory component? Give example.

6.         Mention the salient features of CORBA.

7.         What is the use of ATL.

8.         What is meant by object clustering?

9.         Explain DSI, DII, OLE, ROI and RMI.

10.       What is meant by concurrency in server objects?


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 Marks)


11.       Briefly explain how a JAVA ORB application is developed


12.a)i)  What are necessary features of COM? Explain them briefly.


ii)  Write short notes on Beans and Enterprise Beans.




12.b)i)  What are the different types of factory components available? Explain them in detail.


ii)  Explain about the garbage collection on the client side and server side.


13.a)i)  Explain about ORB Run Time System.

ii)  Explain about IDL interface briefly.




13.b)i)  How to build applications using COM?


ii)  Explain about software components briefly.


14.a)i)  What are the isones involved in “Object Caching’?


ii)  Explain  about the distributed object database management system.




14.b)i)  What is meant by persistence of remote reference? Explain it briefly.


ii)  Explain briefly about client / server architecture.


15.a)i)  State and Explain about COM facilities and services.


ii)  Name some Interfaces and objects. Elaborate them with their function.




15.b)i)  How are services discovered? Illustrate.


ii)  How will you develop an application using Enterprise Beans?



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