Anna University Chemistry II Question Paper for ME

Anna University Chemistry II Question Paper for ME


II Semester – Mechanical Engineering


(Common to Metallurgical Engineering and Mechatronics Engineering)

Time : Three hours                                                                        Maximum : 100 marks

Answer ALL questions.

PART A — (10 ´ 2 = 20 marks)

1. What is the significance of heat treatment of steel?  How is achieved?

2. Which of the following are extensive property?  Viscosity, Surface tension, Energy, Mass, Refractive index.

3. Which of the following is a bivariant?

   An ordinary gas, saturated solution of sodium chloride, water        water vapour.

4. Explain a Moulding Powder.

5. What are the methods used for manufacture of metal powder?

6. How properties of the resins can be varied?

7. Will the following reaction in aqueous phase feasible? Why?

             Cu + Zn SO4                          Cu SO4 + Zn

8. What are the common compositions of Brass and Nickel Bronze?

9. How wood’s metal is manufactured using powder metallurgy?

10. What are the raw materials used for the manufacture of glass?

PART B — (5 ´ 16 = 80 marks)

11. (i)      Define law of Mass Action.                                                                          (4)

             (ii)     Explain Electroworking.                                                                             (6)

             (iii)   Explain briefly the glass and fibre composites of polymer.                    (6)

12. (a)     Enumerate the conclusions drawn from Ellingham diagram for oxides of any metal alloy with limitations.                                         (16)


             (b)     (i)      Derive the relationship between enthalpy, entropy and free–energy.

                       (ii)    Write a note on refractory materials.                                             (10)

13. (a)     (i)      Explain Sheet–Moulding Compound Technique.                          (10)

                       (ii)    Write a note on Polymer blends.                                                       (6)


             (b)     Explain the role of Moulding Compounds used in the preparation of plastics.                                    (16)

14. (a)     How corrosion is prevented by

                       (i)      Cathodic protection and                                                                                     (8)

                       (ii)    Metallic coatings.                                                                                (8)


             (b)     (i)      What are the factors affecting chemical corrosion? Explain briefly.

                       (ii)    Explain compacting and sintering methods of metal powder and their effects.                          (8)

15. (a)     Explain Phase–Diagram of Iron–Carbon system.                                  (16)


             (b)     Explain the various methods used to extract metal from their ores. (16)


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