Anna University Chemical Engineering Question Paper

Anna University Chemical Engineering Question Paper



Time : Three hours                                                                        Maximum : 100 marks

Answer ALL questions.

 PART A — (10 ´ 2 = 20 marks)

 1.Define any two unit operations relevant to Petroleum Industry.

2.Compare and contrast Unit Operations and Unit Processes.

3.Suggest an effective method for the recovery of waste water.

4.Outline the production of CS2. Also give its uses.

5.Briefly write about Bleaching Powder.

6.Write a note on mining and manufacture of sulfur.

7.What is meant by Beneficiation of phosphate rock.

8.What is the function of Potassium component in compound fertilizers?

9.Briefly outline how the use of pesticides increases the productivity of our soil.

10.Indicate any two methods for safe disposal of Radio active wastes.

PART B — (5 ´ 16 = 80 marks)

11.(i) With the help of a neat process flow sheet, describe the various stages for the manufacture of Soda Ash by Ammonia – Soda Process.                                                    (12)

(ii)Compare and contrast the Electrolytic processes available for the manufacture of Chlorine and Caustic soda.                             (4)

12.(a)(i)Describe the manufacture of sulphuric acid by contact process.  (8)

(ii) Explain, in detail the wet process method for the manufacture of phosphoric Acid using H2SO4 leaching.              (8)


(b)(i) Briefly outline the effect of different variables affecting NH3 synthesis.                           (6)

(ii)    Discuss the various steps involved in the manufacture of Nitric Acid using Acid using Ammonia – Oxidation Process.                                                       (10)

13.(a)(i)Starting from phosphate Rock, describe the manufacture of Single and Triple superphosphates.                     (10)

(ii)Discuss briefly about Bio–Fertilizers. Also indicate their demerits.


 (b)(i) With a block diagram, describe the various steps involved in the extraction of zirconium from Zircon ore.              (12)

 (ii)Outline the manufacture of Potassium perchlorate.

14.(a)(i)Write about Booster High Explosives.                                             (6)

(ii)Outline the important characteristics of an explosive.                 (4)

 (iii)   Based on their end use, outline the classification of chemical explosives. Also indicate the various factors considered in the selection of an explosive under each category. (6)


  (b)(i) Explain the manufacture of Nitroglycerine and Nitrocellulose. (12)

(ii)    Define ‘PVC’ with reference to a paint industry.                            (4)

15.(a)(i)With a neat schematic representation, explain how various ingredients are incorporated into making a liquid paints.   (8)

(ii)Outline the manufacture of TiO2 Pigment.                                      (8)


(b) Write short notes on following :

 (i) Manufacture of photographic films, plates and papers.                (8)

 (ii)    Industrial water treatment.                                                               (4)

  (iii)   Calcium carbide.                                                                                  (4)

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