ANNA UNIVERSITY BTECH V SEMESTER Technology of Fabric Manufacture I



Technology of Fabric Manufacture – I

Textile Technology


Time:3 Hours                                                                                                  Max. Marks: 100


Answer all the Questions

Part A  (10 x 2 = 20 marks)


1. What are the various motions that are operating in looms.

2.Classify the looms into different types.

3.State the difference between negative cam dobby and positive cam dobby.

4.Mention the difference between single acting single cylinder and double acting double cylinder jacquards.

5.Draw the loom timing diagram for a plain loom.

6.Define sley eccentricity.

7.What are the types of let off motions used in power looms.

8.Write a short note on temples.

9.Mention any four fabric defects with reasons.

10.Mention the factors which are affecting the loom stoppage and efficiency.


Part B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)


11.i) Give an account of fabric defects.

ii)What are the various measures to be taken to control hard waste.


12.A  Classify the looms into various types, and mention the loom mechanisms.


12.B  Classify the dobbies into different types and give their features briefly. Explain the function of dobby pegging.



 i)With necessary sketch, explain the working of cross border dobby.

 ii)Give a diagrammatic representation of dobby pegging of 1 x 3 twill weave.



13.B    With a neat sketch, explain the working of double acting double cylinder jacquard.


14.A    With the aid of a neat sketch, describe the cone under pick mechanism, discuss briefly the swell motion.




i)Explain the function of beat up mechanism.

ii)Describe the sley mechanism as a 4 bar linkage and 6 bar linkage.


15.A    Explain with a neat sketch, the working of side lever under pick mechanism and give the timings and settings.


15.B    With the aid of a neat sketch, explain the mechanism of Bartlett let off motion. Mention the difference between positive and negative let off motions.



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