Anna University B E ,V- Semester , Foundry Technology

Anna University B E ,V- Semester , Foundry Technology

, Foundry Technology

Production Engineering


Answer ALL Questions

 PART – A (10 x 2 = 20 Marks)


1.How foundries are classified?

2.List the steps involved in the production of castings.

3.What are chaplets?

4.What are the components of a gating system?

5.What are the defects caused by low pouring temperature?

6.Name the various nondestructive tests used to detect the internal defects of castings.

7.What are the limitations of pressure die casting process?

8.Explain inoculation with an example.

9.Write the chemical reaction in CO2 process.

10.What do we mean by directional solidification in castings?


PART – B (5 x 16 = 80 marks)


11. Discuss with neat sketches, the various types of patterns for making a casting.


12.a)i)  Explain the properties desired in a  good moulding sand.                          (6 Marks)

ii)  Describe how permeability and moisture content of moulding sand are determined?                                                                                                     (10 Marks)


12.b)Explain through sketches how casting design can be modified to simplify moulding to avoid a core, to avoid hot-spot, to avoid hot tears and to avoid stress concentration.


13.a)i)  Describe the lost wax process with neat sketches.                                     (8 Marks)

ii)  Compare the merits and limitations of permanent mold casting with sand casting.

(8 Marks)



13.b) Outline the production sequence, merits, limitations and applications of the shell moulding process.


14.a) Using a neat sketch of cupola, discuss how gray cast iron is produced indicating the raw materials, charge calculation and operation. Also, write a brief note on modern development in cupola melting.


14.b)i)  Discuss the need for degassing and its practice in foundries.                  (10 Marks)

ii)  Write a brief note on fettling of castings.                                                   (6 Marks)


15.a)i)  Discuss the objectives and the various areas in a foundry where mechanisation is feasible.                                                                                           (12 Marks)

ii)   Write a brief note on pollution control in foundries.                                  (4 Marks)


15.b)i)  Discuss the casting process by which cast iron pipes are produced.         (8 Marks)

ii)  Describe critically the appearance, causes and remedies of any four casting defects.                                                                                                       (8 marks)



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