AIIMS Medicine Syllabus




Endocrinology and Metabolism Diabetes mellitus

?        Clinical examination of the patient with diabetes

?        Epidemiology

?        Physiology, pathophysiology and investigations

?        Aetiology and pathogenesis

?        Major manifestations of disease O Hyperglycaemia

O Acute metabolic complications

–          Diabetic ketoacidosis

–          Hyperglycemic non-ketotic coma

–         Hypoglycemia O End organ damage

?        Management of diabetes

?        Long-term complications (micro and macrovascular)

?        Long-term supervision

?        Special problems in management

?        Prospects in diabetes mellitus

Thyroid gland

?        Clinical examination of thyroid disease

?        Functional anatomy, physiology and investigations

?        Major manifestations of thyroid disease O Hyperthyroidism

O Hypothyroidism O Thyroid enlargement O Abnormal thyroid function test results

The reproductive system

?        Major manifestations of reproductive disease

O Male hypogonadism
O Gynaecomastia
O Impotence
O Short stature and delayed puberty
O Cryptorchidsm
O Hirsutism
O Secondary amenorrhoea
O Infertility


The parathyroid glands

?        Major manifestations of diseases of the parathyroid glands O Hypercalcemia O Hypocalcemia

The adrenal glands

?        Major manifestations of adrenal disease O The ‘Cushingoid’ patient

O Adrenal insufficiency O Pheochromocytoma

The endocrine pancreas and gastrointestinal tract

?        Major manifestations of disease of the endocrine pancreas O Spontaneous hypoglycemia

O Disorders affecting multiple endocrine system

The hypothalamus and the pituitary gland

?        Major manifestations of hypothalamic and pituitary disease O Hypopituitarism

O Visual field defects O Galactorrhea

Hematological disorders

?        Clinical examination in blood disorders

?        Functional anatomy, physiology and investigations

?        Major manifestations of hematological diseases O Anaemia

O Polycythemia O Leucopenia O Leucocytosis O Thrombocytopenia O Thrombocytosis O Pancytopenia O Lymphadenopathy O Splenomegaly O Bleeding O Venous thrombosis O Abnormal coagulation screen O Infections

?        Anemias

?        Myeloproliferative disorders

?        Haematological malignancies


?        Bleeding disorders

?        Disorders of coagulation and venous thrombosis

?        Blood products and transfusion

?        Bone marrow transplantation

Disorders of the immune system, connective tissue and joints

?        Introduction to the immune system and autoimmunity

?        Primary immune deficiency diseases

?        HIV, AIDS and related disorders

?        Major manifestations of musculoskeletal disease O Joint pains

O Bone pain

O Muscle pain and weakness O Regional periarticular pain O Back and neck pain

?        Approach to articular and musculoskeletal disorders

?        Inflammatory joint disease

?        Infectious arthritis

?        Inflammatory muscle disease

?        Osteoarthritis

?        Systemic connective tissue diseases – SLE, RA, PSS

?        Vasculitides

?        Ankylosing spondylitis, reactive arthritis and undifferentiated spondyloarthropathy

?        Sarcoidosis

?        Amyloidosis

?        Musculoskeletal manifestations of disease in other systems

?        Fibromyalgia

?        Diseases of bone

Skin diseases

?        Clinical examination of skin diseases

?        Major manifestations of skin disease O Various types of rash

O Pruritis O Erythroderma O Urticaria O Photosensitivity

O Blisters O Leg ulcers O Alopecia

O     Acne

?        Approach to patient with skin disease

?        Some common skin infections and infestations – scabies, fungal infections, pyoderma

?        Eczema, psoriasis and other erythematous scaly eruptions

?        Cutaneous drug reactions

?        Disorders of pigmentation

?        Disorders of the nails

?        Skin manifestations of systemic diseases

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