Advanced Communication Systems Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 Advanced Communication Systems Syllabus for NIT Jalandhar

 EC-462 Advanced Communication Systems [3 0 0 3]


Spread Spectrum Communication: Direct sequence and frequency hopped spread spectrum, spreading sequences and their correlation functions, Acquisition and tracking of spread spectrum signals Code Division Multiple Access (CDMA): DS-CDMA on AWGN channels, DS-CDMA on frequency selective fading channels, Performance analysis of cellular DS-CDMA, Capacity estimation, Power control
effect of imperfect power control on DS-CDMA performance, Soft Hand offs, Spreading/coding tradeoffs, multi carrier CDMA, IS95A CDMA systems, 3rd Generation CDMA systems, Multi user detection, Optimum receivers, SIC, PIC receivers and performance.

Networks & Services: Network Transmission System Design Services, Characterization of networks & teleservices, The Telephone Network – Past, Present & Future, and Network issues.


Data Communication Networks: Basic principles of data communication – synchronous and asynchronous 
transmission – digital data transmission formats NRZ, RZ, AMI, ASI & Manchester coding, Error correcting codes, Hamming codes, Orthogonal codes, Switching – Circuit switching, Message switching, Packet switching, Standard communication interface multipliers and concentrators, Protocols (BOP-COP – standard networks and standards, OSI, (D) ARPANET, NICNET, SNA, SELS etc. Lan types of LAN – WAN, Digital telephony, Basic principle of ISDN – E Mail – Voice mail.

Transmission Principles: Transmission aspects, Signals and Impairments, Digital Speech Transmission
Digitisation of Speech & Audio.


Teletraffic: Digital Networks, Network Synchronization, Multiplexing – Digital Hierarchies, Synchronous
Digital Hierarchy, Digital Switching, Signaling, Introduction to Teletraffic.
ISDN & ATM: Integrated Services Digital Network – ISDN, Broadband ISDN & ATM, Broadband Access Networks, Optical Networks.
Network Aspects: Intelligent Network, Network Management, and Introduction to Network management softwares.

Books Recommended

1. Andrew J Viterbi, “CDMA Principles of spread spectrum communications”, Addition Wesley,
2. J S Lee and L E Miller, “CDMA systems engineering handbook”, Artech House, (1998).
3. Marvin K Simon, Jim K Omura, Robert A Scholtz, Bary Klevit, “Spread Spectrum
Communications”, (1995).
4. Sergio Verdu, “Multiuser Detection”, Cambridge University Press, (1998).
5. Andrew S Tanenbaum, “Computer Networks”, Prentice Hall of India.

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