Administrative Theories And Management Thought

Administrative Theories And Management Thought

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Publisher PHI Learning All Management And Leadership books by PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120347342
Author: R K Sapru
Number of Pages 628
Edition Third Edition
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About The Book Administrative Theories And Management Thought

Book Summary:


The Third Edition of this well-received text encompasses the manifold administrative theories and management thought propounded and enunciated by administrative and management thinkers over the past several decades. The text incorporates major additions and revisions to make it more up-to-date, comprehensive and reader-friendly.

Whats New To This Edition:


Addition of five new chapters to enlarge the scope of the book.
A revised chapter on Public Choice Theory.


The text not only gives a complete and up-to-date analysis of administrative theories, but also introduces the reader to new concepts, approaches and techniques in public administration. Undergraduate and postgraduate students of public administration, and postgraduate students of political science and management should find this fully revised text to be of immense value.


Table of Contents:

Preface Preface to the First Edition

Part I: Introduction

1. Toward a Theory of Public Administration

2. Public Administration: An Overview as a Discipline

3. Public Administration: Theoretical Aspects

4. Public and Private Administration: The Dichotomy

5. Politics-Administration Dichotomy

6. Public Administration: Interdisciplinary Nature

Part II: Administrative and Management Thinkers

7. Kautilya: Administrative Content in Arthasastra

8. Woodrow Wilson: The PoliticsAdministration Dichotomy

9. Max Weber: The Bureaucratic Theory

10. Frederick Taylor: The Scientific Theory of Management

11. Henri Fayol: Principles of Administration

12. Gulick and Urwick: Organizational Principles

13. Mary Follett: The Group Dynamics

14. Elton Mayo: The Human Relations Approach

15. Chester Barnard: Organizations as Cooperative Social Systems

16. Herbert Simon: A Decision-Making Perspective

17. Douglas McGregor: Theories X and Y for Human Motivation

18. Abraham Maslow: Hierarchy of Needs Theory

19. Frederick Herzberg: Motivation-Hygiene Theory

20. Rensis Likert: Participative Management Systems

21. Chris Argyris: Humanistic Approach to Management

22. Fred Riggs: The PrismaticSala Model

23 Dwight Waldo: Reflections on

Public Administration

24. Karl Marx: Transforming Managerial Work

25. Vladimir Lenin: Socialist Theory of Organization

26. Mahatma Gandhi: A Federal Perspective

27. Jawaharlal Nehru: A Moderate Approach to Administration

28. Peter Drucker: Management Paradigm

29. Parkinsons Law and the Peter Principle

Part III: Approaches to

Public Administration

30. Different Approaches: Managerial, Political, and Legal

31. Classic Organization Theory

32. The Systems Approach

33. The Human Behaviour Approach

34. Bureaucracy and Democracy:

A Dilemma of Incompatibility

35. Public Choice Theory

36. The Principal-Agent Theory


37. Motivation Theories

38. Leadership Theories and Roles

39. Communication Principles

40. Corruption in Administration

Part V: Public Administration: The New Paradigm

41. New Public Administration

42. Comparative Public Administration: Models and Prospect

43. Development Administration and

Management: An Overview

44. New Public Management Approach

45. Globalization, Governance and Role of Public Administration