Managerial Economics

Managerial Economics

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Publisher Vikas Publishing All Management And Leadership books by Vikas Publishing
ISBN 9789325986688
Author: D.N. Dwivedi
Number of Pages 865
Edition Eighth Edition
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About The Book Managerial Economics by D.N. Dwivedi

Book Summary:

This well-known book on the subject has stood the test of time for the last 35 years because of the quality of presentation of its text. It has become students’ favourite as it provides the latest theories, thoughts and applications on the subject with timely revisions to stay up-to-date all the time. Since its first edition, it has provided complete, comprehensive and authentic text on micro and macro aspects of managerial economics. It has now been revised thoroughly with added interpretations of economic theories and concepts and their application to managerial decisions.

Financial Management is designed for use in MBA, MCom, Chartered Accountancy, Cost Accountancy, and Company Secretary courses. It will also be useful for financial executives who want to update their knowledge about the recent thinking in financial management and who wish to improve their ability in making financial decisions.

Some New Important Sections:

‘Derivation of Demand Curve with Changing Marginal Utility of Money’, and ‘Why Demand Curve Slopes Downward to Right’

‘Expansion Path of Production’ and ‘Equilibrium of Multi-plant Monopoly’

‘Theory of Interest Rate Determination’ and ‘Monetary Sector Equilibrium’

‘Current Foreign Trade Policy of India’ and ‘Current Role of the IMF’

‘Monetary Policy’ and ‘Current Scenario of CSR in India

Table of Contents:
  1. Nature and Scope of Managerial Economics
  2. Objectives of Business Firms
  3. Some Fundamental Concepts and Business Decision Rules
  4. Basic Tools of Economic Analysis and Optimization Techniques
  5. Method of Estimating a Function: The Regression Technique
  6. Analysis of Consumer Demand
  7. Analysis of Market Demand
  8. Elasticity of Demand
  9. Demand Forecasting
  10. Theory of Production
  11. Theory of Cost and Break-Even Analysis
  12. Linear Programming
  13. Market Structure and Pricing Decisions
  14. Price and Output Determination under Perfect Competition
  15. Price and Output Determination under Monopoly
  16. Price and Output Determination under Monopolistic Competition
  17. Price and Output Determination under Oligopoly
  18. Game Theory and Strategic Behaviour of Oligopoly Firms
  19. Alternative Theories of the Firm
  20. Pricing Strategies and Practices
  21. Capital Budgeting and Investment Decisions under Certainty
  22. Investment Decisions under Risk and Uncertainty
  23. Macroeconomics: Definition, Nature, Scope and Importance
  24. Circular Flow Model of the Economy
  25. National Income: Concept and Measurement
  26. Theory of National Income Determination
  27. Monetary Sector of the Economy
  28. IS-LM Model of the Economy: The General Equilibrium Model
  29. Modern Theories of Economic Growth
  30. Business Cycles and Control Measures
  31. Theories of Inflation and Control Measures
  32. Changing International Business Environment
  33. Theories of Foreign Trade
  34. Foreign Trade Policy: Free Trade vs. Trade Control
  35. Determination of Foreign Exchange Rate
  36. Balance of Payments: Meaning, Measurement and Adjustment
  37. International Monetary System
  38. Government's Role in the Economy
  39. Monetary Policy
  40. Fiscal Policy
  41. Industrial Policy of India