Microbiology Questions And Answers

Microbiology Questions And Answers Microbiology Questions And Answers Sample PDF Download
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Microbiology Questions And Answers
Book Summary:

This book provides chapters on history of microbiology, microscope, microbial diversity, the bacteria, the Bergey’s Manual, the viruses, ribosomal RNA in microbial taxonomy, cultivation and growth of microorganisms, immunology, microbial genetics, microbial biotechnology, industrial microbiology, food and dairy microbiology, soil microbiology, water and waste water microbiology, biological control, mycorrhizae, biosensors, and applications of microbiology.

Key Features:

The main features of the book are as follows:

1. The book provides latest information in the field and will be informative and useful for graduate as well as postgraduate students besides, those interested in objective learning of microbiology for competitive examinations.

2. It provides not merely information regarding cellular and non-cellular microorganisms, rather more important aspects of life including microbial genetics and molecular biology.

Table of Contents:

1. History Of Microbiology

2. Development Of Microbiology In India

3. Microscopy

4. Ecological Groups Of Microorganisms

5. Microbial Diversity

6. Extremophiles:The Organisms Which Grow In Extreme Or Harsheet         Environments

7. Aeromicrobiology

8. Bacteria

9. Plasmids

10. Bergey'S Manual

11. Viruses

12. Robosomal Rna

13. Cultivation And Growth Of Microorganisations

14. Control Of Microbial Growth

15. Medical Microbiology

16. Microbial Diseases

17. Human Immunodeficiency Virus And Aids

18. Immunology

19. Microbial Genetics

20. Microbial Biotechnology

21. Industrial Microbiology

22. Pharmaceutical Microbiology And Microbial Technology

23. Food And Dairy Microbiology

24. Soil Microbiology

25. Biogeochemical Cycling

26. Water And Wastewater Microbiology

27. Biofertilizers

28. Mycorrhizae

29. Biosensors:Bacteria That Detect Toxic Pollutants

30. Biological Control

31. Biopesticides

32. Applications Of Microbiology

33. Molecular Biology

34. Tools And Techniques Of Molecular Biology