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Consumer Behaviour : Insights From Indian Market

By Ramanuj Majumdar more
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Publisher PHI Learning
ISBN 9788120339637
Author: Ramanuj Majumdar
Number of Pages 360
Available in all digital devices
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About The Book Consumer Behaviour
Book Summary:

Consumer Behaviour has always fascinated marketers all over the world. Rightly so, because it offers interesting insights into the working of the human mind in making purchasing decisions. For instance, why do consumers repeatedly purchase a particular brand or, in some cases, why do they switch from one product to another? In this compact, concise and profusely illustrated text, Professor Majumdar, with his rich and varied experience in Marketing, tries to provide interesting insights into some of these and other interesting questions about consumer behaviour. He gives a masterly analysis of the theory and practice of consumer behaviour and decision making and the factors that influence it.

Divided into six parts, Part I of the text shows the importance of understanding consumer behaviour; Part II highlights different aspects of consumer psychology and covers such topics as consumer motivation, consumer perception, and consumer personality. Part III demonstrates how consumers behave in their social and cultural settings, the effect of personal factors, and the influence of reference groups on consumer behaviour. Part IV dealing with consumer decision making describes the various stages involved in brand choice, the post-purchase behaviour and, importantly, the six well-established models proposed by scholars on consumer behaviour. Part V analyzes the diversity of the Indian market and about the emerging patterns of consumer behaviour.

The concluding partPart VIgives seven live case studies that dwell on brand building and showcases some successful brands marketed in India.

Key Features :

The book is a harmonious blend of theory and practice.

Each chapter contains numerous examples of marketing practices in India.

Demonstrates the diversity of the Indian market.

Contains a CD with power point presentations (PPTs).

For the wide spectrum of readersthe students of management, the marketers and the practising managersreading this book should be a very valuable and rewarding experience. They would treasure the book for its incisive insights on the Indian market and the wealth of illustrative examples and concepts it offers.

Table of Contents:
Preface. Part I: CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR: AN OVERVIEW1. Understanding Consumer Behaviour: An Overview. Part II: THE CONSUMER AS AN INDIVIDUAL2. Consumer Motivation. 3. Consumer Perception. 4. Consumer Beliefs and Attitudes. 5. Consumer Learning and Experience. 6. Consumer Personality and Self-image. Part III: CONSUMERS IN THEIR SOCIAL AND CULTURAL SETTINGS7. Effect of Personal Factors. 8. Influence of Reference Groups. 9. Culture and Western Influence on Consumer BehaviourPart IV: THE CONSUMER DECISION-MAKING PROCESS10. Consumers Decision Making.
11. Comprehensive Models of Consumer Decisions Making. Part V: UNDERSTANDING INDIAN MARKET DIVERSITY AND EVOLVING CONSUMER BEHAVIOUR12. Diversity of Indian Market. 13. Changing Indian Consumer Behaviour. Part VI: CASE STUDIES1. Cadbury Dairy Milk Chocolates. 2. LuxThe Beauty Soap. 3. Titan Watches. 4. SpriteSoft Drink. 5. Nescafe Instant Coffee. 6. Maruti 800 Passenger Car. 7. Dove Hair Care. Glossary. Index.

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