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About The Book Business Communication
Book Summary:

In a knowledge-based economy, the ability to communicate information in clear and concise terms is becoming more critical. This book on Business Communication is intended to meet the demand for students who are trained to communicate effectively in the current globalized context. It provides readers a comprehensive view of communication, its scope and importance in business. Besides this, the text develops an awareness of the importance of succinct written expression in modern business communication.

This book covers a number of key business communication topics that aim to develop specific skills and competencies:

Communication process. To gain an understanding of communication as a socio-cultural process.
Intercultural communication skills. To know important factors while communicating with audiences of diverse backgrounds in the global business, professional and political environment.
Letter writing skills. To convey the message precisely through letters, memos or emails, paying attention to the writers objectives, the readers needs, the readerwriter relationship and the context.
Listening skills. To become an effective listener to develop new ideas, options and goals.
Presentation skills. To become more effective speakers and deliver persuasive presentations.
Report writing skills. To understand the fundamentals of the report writing process and develop the critical skills necessary to produce convincing written reports.

The book will be of immense use to the students of management, animation and multimedia, engineering, science, media studies, journalism and related fields of study. Besides this, the professionalsmanagers, advertising, marketing and public relations executives, businessmen and HR expertswill also find it extremely useful.

Table of Contents:



1. Communication: An Overview

2. Evolution of Communication

3. Barriers to Communication

4. Types of Communication

5. The Four Basic Skills of Communication

6. Non-Verbal Communication

7. The Third Dimension

8. Society and Cross Cultural Communication

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