जनसंख्या भूगोल

जनसंख्या भूगोल
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जनसंख्या भूगोल

Publisher: Kailash Pustak Sadan
ISBN: 9789382836780
Number of Pages: 293

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Scope or Content of Population Geography
Yetieesue ke er Ske veJeerve MeeKee kes He ceW He mHeg ef le pevemebK ee Yetieesue efJeke emeceeve DeJemLee ceW nw Deewj Fmekes DeO e eve es e ee efJe e e Jemleg ke e efveOee jCe DeYeer HetCe lee ke es veneR He eHle ke j meke e nw Fmeke er iel eelceke He ke efle kes ke ejCe ner mece e-mece e Hej Fmecesb efJeefYevve ve es-ve es He eeW ke es meceeefnle efke ee peelee jne nw pevemebK ee Yetieesue ke s DeO e eve ke e kes v efyevog ceveg e nw Deewj Fmeer mes mebyebefOele efJeefYevve He eeW ke e Yeewieesefueke DeO e eve ner Fmeke er cetue efJe e e-Jemleg nw eneB keg He cegKe pevemebK ee YetieesueJeslleeDees eje He mleeefJele pevemebK ee Yetieesue kes efJe e e es e ke er HejsKee ke e efJeJes eve efke ee ie ee nw 1 peer. er. ef JeeLee ves meved 1953 ceW pevemebK ee Yetieesue ke es e ceye Yetieesue ke er Ske MeeKee kes He ceW mebmLeeefHele efke ee ef JeeLee eje He mleeefJele pevemebK ee Yetieesue ke e efJe e e- es e efvecveefueefKele leerve JeieeX ceW efJeYeke le nw i
Yetleke eueerve pevemebK ee Yetieesue Geography of population in past - FmeceW pevemebK ee kes efJelejCe SJeb efJeke eme ke e DeO e eve efJeefYevve Ssefleneefmeke ke eueeW ke s Devegmeej efke ee peelee nw
1. "Polulation geography is the study of population distribution and productive relationships existing within various population groups, the settlement network and its fitness, usefulness and effectiveness for productive goal of a society. - G.J. Demco 2. "Population geography is that branch of geography which treats the spatia variations in distribution, composition, migration and change of population and the socio economic patterns resulted by inter relationship between population and environment of any given area." - A. Melezin 1963
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