Verbs for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi)

Verbs for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi) Verbs for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi) Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174829184

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Preface To speak good English with high degree of fluency, you must have a total mastery of active fluency verbs which are frequently used by us in our day to day life. It won t help much if you simply know the meanings of these verbs. No, it won t do. You must know these verbs in context to retain them permanently in your mind. You must know their meaningful combinations. You must know how these verbs are used whether they are used in active voice or in passive voice. Remember, your skill in expressing your ideas, thoughts, and feelings easily and smoothly in English language depends on the good command of these active fluency verbs. The purpose of this book is to bring to you a very clear idea how these verbs are used in context and what are their various aspects. By reading these various sentences, you will also learn how the other words are used together with these verbs and what common objects they generally take. You will also find all these sentences very useful for all types of conversation. Remember, verbs play a vital role in English and it is important for you to understand them fully and be able to use them correctly. So, master these Active Fluency Verbs if you wish to speak or write English effectively and naturally. To master them, read all sentences Aloud several times and understand the meanings they convey. M. S. Shekhawat yuwam mss
Verbs for Fluency Building
Verbs for Fluency Building
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