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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174824011

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Preface It s embarrassing when you pause in the midst of writing and speaking, since you can t think of the right word. The idea is clear in your mind and the word with the exact shade of meaning is right on the tip of your tongue, but it stays there when you use a poor substitute and turn to the pages of dictionary for a right word . It happens so, because you can t afford to overlook the power of words to make your communication effective as the word power is the world power. Hence, the management of language needs a rich vocabulary and the profound source of words is Synonyms and Antonyms. This book is specially designed to meet the requirements of students and also those who want to speak and write more effective and accurate English. Three distinct and unique features of the book are A wide choice of similar and opposite words i.e., Synonyms and Antonyms of the selected words is given with different parts of speech, i.e., noun, verb, adj. and adv. The meaning of the individual headword is also given in one or more definitions. It contains thirty practical exercises covering 300 questions, followed by the answer sheet. Thus, I am confident that the book if gone through earnestly will enrich your English Vocabulary and solve your problems with speed and accuracy. I am indebted to the publishers and authors of various books, especially the Collins Comprehensive and Concise Dictionary, Oxford Advanced Learner s Dictionary, Cambridge International Dictionary of English and A Treasury of Synonyms and Antonyms, which have been consulted to make the present book an authentic record of information. Also, I am grateful to Mr. Visheshwar Dayal Agarwal for his valuable suggestions. 50, Devi Path Takhte Shahi Marg Jaipur 302004
Radharaman Agarwal
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