Functional Words for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi)

Functional Words for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi) Functional Words for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi) Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174829146

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Preface Watch a 5-6 year old child carefully, how smoothly he speaks his mother tongue without hesitation. Do you think that he knows many words No, he doesn't. On the contrary, even a highly educated person despite having good vocabulary of English cannot speak English fluently. What is the reason The reason is very obvious. A child doesn't learn individual words of his mother tongue. He learns the words in sentences, whereas we try to speak English through word by word translation word for word translation method cannot make us fluent. So, if you want to acquire true fluency in English, learn the meaningful groups of words and speak by stringing word-groups together and not individual words. If you already have good mastery of such "ready to use word groups" at your command, you won't have to compose your speech on the spot. Automatically, they would occur to you whenever you require them. So, these ready-to-use word-groups will help you speak spontaneously without making any conscious efforts. In this book, we want to acquaint you with several useful Functional Words which make the solid foundation of fluency. We think that you are already familiar with the basic meaning of these words. But the important point here is that you learn these words in sentences. Under each head word, we have given several sentences. Understand their use and meaning of the headword in sentences. Read every sentence aloud several times and use them
viii in your day to day conversation. Remember, the words given in this book are frequently spoken by us. To be fluent, master the functional words in their natural combinations and sentences, because the natural way to learn to speak a language is to speak in sentences and not by putting individual words together. We all have learnt our mother tongue in sentences by listening to the parents or the other elder members of the family. But for learning English, we are learning it in words. No, it is not the natural way. That's why, in this book we have given several useful functional words in sentences, so read every sentence several time ALOUD. Hope that you will find the book very interesting and useful. M. S. Shekhawat yuwam mss
Functional Words for Fluency Building
Functional Words for Fluency Building

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