A Comprehensive Book on English Grammer

A Comprehensive Book on English Grammer A Comprehensive Book on English Grammer Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174820723

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About this eBook

Preface Adding a new book on English Grammar and Usage to the existing flood of books on the subject sounds rather audacious. But strangely enough, it is this flood of books, some of which are spurious and others too technical and abstruse to be followed by the learner, that has prompted the present author to write a new book on Applied Grammar, Usage, Comprehension, and Letter-Writing which could well be used as a practical handbook and guide to the learning of English Language both by the primary as well as advanced learners. English is indeed a difficult language to learn, and the rules of Formal and Applied Grammar and Usage which govern it are equally difficult for the learner to understand through the medium of English. Therefore, all these rules and their application have been explained in the present book through the medium of Hindi. This would enable even the primary learner to understand all these rules in their real spirit and to apply them with judicious understanding and discrimination. A purist may scoff at the idea of explaining the rules of English Grammar through the medium of Hindi, but the practical needs of the hour and the prospects of future demands would not only justify this attempt but also applaud it as a far-sighted approach. The book is designed to be all-comprehensive in its range and scope. It has 45 Chapters which, as the contents would show, cover practically all aspects of Applied Grammar, Usage, Word-Formation, Comprehension, Composition, and Letter-Writing. It represents a synthesis of the traditional and the structural methods to teach the learner how to read, write and speak English correctly, idiomatically and fluently. While dealing with Grammatical and Structural problems under various chapters, special attention has been paid to the intricate and ticklish problems which even the advanced students have to face. These problems relate particularly to the correct use of Syntax, Articles, Prepositions, Auxiliaries, Non-Finite Verbs, Position of Adverbs, Tense and Time Sense, and Phrasal expressions. Due attention has also been paid to the special requirements of the candidates appearing at various competitive examinations at the State and Central levels. It is confidently hoped that the book would serve as a complete practical text book and manual of English Grammar, Usage, Comprehension, and Letter-Writing to the candidates preparing for the various University and competitive examinations throughout the country. Dr. B. B. Jain
Some Basic Concepts
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Letters, Syllables, Phrases and Sentences Kinds of Sentences .. Parts of Speech

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