Nouns for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi)

Nouns for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi) Nouns for Fluency Building (Eng.-Hindi) Sample PDF Download
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Publisher: Upkar Prakashan
ISBN: 9788174829160

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Preface There are many Hindi speaking people who have reasonable knowledge of English who can understand English well who can write good English but still they are not fluent to speak this language. You know why it is so. The main reasons of this are The Hindi speaking people while trying to speak English first think in Hindi and then try to translate it in English. They try to speak English the way they write, because they have learnt writing first, not to speaking. They try to speak English in words or in written style sentences. Yes, these are the major reasons why they are not fluent or as fluent as they would like to be. Remember, the true fluency comes out in idea units only. What we mean by idea units meaningful combinations of different words, ready to use word groups, phrases, clauses etc. Yes, we must have ready-to-use word groups combinations at our command. Simply, learning words will not help you become fluent. So, the right way to acquire fluency is to speak English by putting word groups idea units together. Speak in word groups, not word by word. The purpose of this book is to acquaint you with word groups made up of verb noun. This book contains all essential verb noun combinations on which the true English fluency depends. Read every word group ALOUD several times to make your speech organs familiar with them. Yes, read them ALOUD so that your speech organs can utter these word groups as a single word without making conscious efforts. Yes, it is very necessary to gain fluency. Also do a lot of general reading. Read light novels, story books, plays, articles written in everyday English. Read them aloud to achieve a high degree of fluency in spoken English. M. S. Shekhawat yuwam mss
Nouns for Fluency Building
Nouns for Fluency Building

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