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How come? How so? That's how things work: the marvel of modern technology

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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179935491
Author: Arshi Ahmad
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 48
Available in all digital devices
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How do we get electricity from atoms? How do energy-saving cars work? How do we get paper from trees? Find out the answers to these questions and more as How come? How so? That's how things work the marvel of modern technology simplifies technologies and unravels the mystery behind seemingly complicated processes.


How do fossil fuels give us energy?
How does water give us electricity?
How do we get fuel from crops?
How do we get power from the Sun?
How do we get energy from wind?
How do we get energy from atoms?
How do aircrafts fly?
How do hybrid cars save energy?
How does an energy-saving lamp work?
How is paper made from trees?
How is rainwater harvested?
How do we recycle stuff?
How is waste water recycled?
How do we know our carbon footprint?
How does an air conditioner work?
How do we communicate through mobile phones?
How do microwaves cook food?
How do satellites help in communication?
How do scientists predict the weather?
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