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How come? How so? That's how things travel: the wonderful ways in which the world moves

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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179935453
Author: R P Subramanian
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 48
Available in all digital devices
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The world is on the move. Animals,plants, and manmade vehicles all are equipped to move in different ways. Learn all about things on the move from snails and manta rays to cars and spacecrafts.


How does a glider fly?
How does a hummingbird fly backwards?
How does a crab walk sideways?
How does a hot air balloon fly?
How does a sailboat ride the wind?
How does a dragonfly pilot its flight?
How does a snail creep around?
How does a solar car move?
How does a snake slither?
How does the spotted handfish walk?
How does an elevator move?
How does a maglev train move?
How does a manta ray “fly”?
How does a flea jump?
How does a camel walk on sand?
How does a bee fly?
How does a hovercraft float over water?
How does a space rocket blast into space?
How does a submarine cruise underwater?
Let’s go sailing!

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