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Green Genius Guide : What are Landfills, Vermicomposting, Recycling, and more

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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179931615
Author: Richa Sharma
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 20
Available in all digital devices
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About this eBook

Content Development Richa Sharma Publishing Head Anupama Jauhry Editorial and Production Teams Pallavi Sah, Vidya Subramanian Aman Sachdeva, Mahfooz Alam Technical Review Dr Suneel Pandey Design and Illustration Teams Priyabrata Roy Chowdhury Yatindra Kumar, Vijay Nipane, and Neeraj Riddlan
Printed and bound in India
This book is printed on recycled paper.
The Energy and Resources Institute
Waste not We all have waste bins in our houses, and every day, we empty this bin in a larger bin outside our house. The garbage van collects waste from these bins. Later, different kinds of wastes are treated differently. But before we find out what happens to each kind of waste, it is important to know what waste exactly is. Five billion aluminium cans are thrown into dustbins every year.
All that waste Anything that we no longer need and throw away is called waste . It could be that banana peel, that empty can of juice or those clothes that don t t you any longer. In Europe, each person, on an average, generates 3,500 kilograms of waste in a year The garbage van that takes the waste away helps us keep our neighbourhood clean.
Did you know that a rotting

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