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101 Facts : Amazing Creatures

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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179932001
Author: Garima Sharma
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 48
Available in all digital devices
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On land and in water
Flying in the sky 14 22
Swimming in the sea
Crawling in the undergrowth 38
Living on land
On land and in water
1 Frozen with time
The wood frog is the most widely distributed amphibian in North America. The wood frog can freeze its tissues during winter to survive the cold. It can freeze its heart and stop breathing. When warm weather returns, its heart starts beating again and the frog starts breathing once more
2 Dig with your head
The Cooper s black caecilian has a small, limbless, and flattened body, but its eyes are distinct. It is often mistaken for an earthworm The caecilian has a bony skull, which helps it build burrows. It has two tentacles, which help it find its way or sense danger. Its strong sense of smell helps it hunt by picking up the smell of the chemicals of its prey.
3 Killed for a cure
The Chinese giant salamander is the largest living amphibian reaching a length of up to 1.8 metres It lives in cold water either in the fast flowing streams or in mountain lakes. It generally feeds on fish and crustaceans. The Chinese giant salamander is used in making Chinese medicine, and is critically endangered today.

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