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How come? How so? That's how strange creatures live: the amazing life of bizarre animals

By Rekha Shipurkar more
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Publisher TERI Press
ISBN 9788179935507
Author: Rekha Shipurkar
Print Enabled 15%
Number of Pages 48
Available in all digital devices
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Watch out! There are strange creatures around. Did you know that there is a sea creature that looks like a Portuguese battleship? Can you name a creature that is both a plant and an animal? This book transports you to an enchanting world of strange animals—up close and personal.


How do moths save themselves from bats?
How can a creature be both plant and animal?
How does the monarch butterfly travel so far?
How can a fox feed on insects?
How do hornbills help mongooses?
How did the koala get its name?
How does the Portuguese man-of-war survive in the seas?
How does the sea otter live in water?
How does the plaice disguise itself?
How does the okapi look so strange?
How does the poison arrow frog defend itself?
How did day monkeys turn into night monkeys?
How does the weaver bird build its nest?
How does the puffer fish puff up?
How does the emperor penguin live in the freezing cold?
How do army ants attack their enemy?
How does the golden orb spider spin its web?
How does the king cobra live?
How does the Komodo dragon catch its prey?
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