College Botany - Volume I

College Botany - Volume I

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Publisher Vikas Publishing All Plant Botany books by Vikas Publishing
ISBN 9788121905930
Author: BP Pandey
Number of Pages 936
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College Botany - Volume I by BP Pandey
Book Summary:

This textbook, College Botany, Volume I includes Algae, Fungi, Lichens, Bacteria, Viruses, Fundamentals of Plant Pathology, and Bryophyta, This is a compilation work and embodies a fairly comprehensive treatment of the fundamental facts of the subject. The College Botany will serve as an introduction to the subject of botany to the beginners in this field. Several new topics and the latest researches have been added to the text. Actually, the present edition of the book has been elevated to fulfill the long-felt need of the students of graduate, honors, and post-graduate level of all Indian Universities. The syllabi of all the universities have been kept in view during the preparation of the text of this edition.

Audience of the Book :
This book is Useful for Botany Students.
Table of Content:


1. General Topics

2. Cyanophycophyta - Myxophyceae Blue-green Algae - Cyanobacteria

3. Chlorophycophyta - Chlorophyceae Green Algae

4. Charophyta - Charophyceae Stoneworts

5. Xanthophycophyta-Xanthophyceae Yellow-green Algae

6. Bacillariophycophyta - Bacillaiuophyceae Diatoms

7. Phaeophycophyta - Phaeophyceae Brown Algae

8. Rhodophycophyta - Rhodophyceae Red Algae

Question Bank

General References




1. Introduction

2. Classification Of Fungi

3. Class Myxomycetes

4. Class Chytridiomycetes

5. Class Plasmodiophoromycetes

6. Class Oomycetes

7. Class Zygomycetes

8. Class Ascomycetes

9. Sub-class Hemiascomycetidae

10. Sub-ciass Euascomycetidae

11. Class Basidiomycetes

12. Sub-class Heterobasidiomycetidae

13. Sub-Class Homobasidiomycetidae

14. Class Deuteromycetes

15. Economic Importance Of Fungi

16. Heterothallism, Parasexuality And Sex Hormones In Fungi

17. Form Class-lichens

18. Plant Diseases And Their Classification

19. Bacterial, Viral And Fungal Diseases Of Plants

20. Principles Of Plant Disease Control

21. Methods Of Studying Plant Diseases

22. Bacteria, Mycoplasma, Actinomycetes, And Cyanobacteria

23. Viruses

24. Human Diseases By Bacterial, Viral, And Fungal Pathogens

25. Industrial Uses Of Micro-organisms


1. Introduction

2. Classification Of Bryophytes

3. Order Marchantiales

4. Order Metzgeriales

5. Order Jungermanni Ales

6. Order Calobryales

7. Order Takakiales

8. Order Anthocerotales

9. Order Sphagnales

10. Order Funariales

11. Order Polytrichales

12. General Discussion

Question Bank

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