Pathology and Nematology at A Glance IInd Edition

Pathology and Nematology at A Glance IInd Edition Pathology and Nematology at A Glance IInd Edition Sample PDF Download
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Preface Plant Pathology Nematology, one of the prominent branches of Agriculture, has expanded by heaps and bounds during the last three decades and has assumed new dimensions with respect to its different disciplines. Due to enormous breadth and diversity of the subject, a number of books has been written dealing with specific branches of Plant Pathology such as Mycology, Bacteriology, Virology seed Pathology, Molecular and Biotechnological Plant Pathology, Plant disease management, plant quarantine and disease risk analysis, history of plant pathology, diseases of field and horticultural crops, biological integrated disease control, etc. The experience tells that either these books are not available to most of the students of the country or if available remain unread due to broad coverage of the topics. To cater the needs of such students the book Plant Pathology Nematology Objective Fundamentals has been written. The book covers almost entire field of Plant Pathology from the history to advances in disease management in the form of objective question and answer. The questions have been framed very critically in manner that they cover various aspects of Plant Pathology Nematology. The book contains selected and standard questions setup for sound knowledge of the subject. Rare and latest information has been provided in each chapter. No doubt the book would be of paramount importance for students appearing for interviews, viva-voce, comprehensive and other examinations. This volume would be useful for UG PG students of Agricultural and Botany in all India universities. This book will also be useful for those appearing in competitive examinations. Like Admission tests, ARS, NET, SLET, SEF, SET, IRMA, UPSC, NABARD and Civil Services Examinations as it would help them to revise the entire course of Plant Pathology
Plant Pathology Nematology
Nematology within a short time to recollect the vast knowledge they gained by reading different books of plant pathology Nematology. This book contains up-to-date information in the form of objective question-answers including matching, fill in the blanks, multiple choice questions, true-false along with a glossary of terms related to plant pathology. While compiling objective question, we have consulted various question papers, text books and reference books from which matters have been heavily drawn upon for the present volume. we acknowledge may humble indebtness to all those authors from whose works material has been drawn. Suggestions for improvement of the present book from worthy teachers and students will be gratefully acknowledged. Aruna Parihar L.L. Somani