Modern Plant Pathology

Modern Plant Pathology

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Publisher Agrobios Publications All Plant Pathology books by Agrobios Publications
ISBN 9788177545340
Author: Dube HC
Number of Pages 585
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Modern Plant Pathology by Dube HC
Book Summary:
The theme of the book is to introduce students to the current intellectual excitement and challenges in studying plant disease and its management. there are exclusive chapters on the infectious pathogens; (fungi, bacteria, fastidious vascular- colonizing bacteria, viruses, sub- viral pathogens, nematodes) and the non-infectious, abiotic agents that causes disorders due to mineral imbalances, ozone, PAN and ethylene. The chemical determinants of pathogenicity and virulence: the cell wall degrading enzymes, plant hormones and toxins are discussed with well documented examples. Disease resistance mechanisms without recourse to antibodies, t-cells and the like are ni less subtle than the mammalian immune system. these include the pre- existing and those induced after molecular avirulence-,and resistance gene- products viz.the elicitors and resistance proteins, respectively.the role of signal molecules like salicylic acid, jasmonates and ethylene in development of systemic resistance, are discussed in depth justifying their present cutting edge status in plant pathology .The celebrated "gene for gene hypothesis" and the phenomena of recognition, and specificity are described with clarity.
Audience of the Book :
This book Useful for Medicinal Plants.
Table of Contents:

1. History of Plant pathology

2. Some Definitions and Concepts

3. Fungi as plant pathogens

4. Bacteria as Plant Pathogens

5. Fastidious Vascular Colonizing bacteria

6. Viruses as Plant Pathogens

7. Sub - Viral Plant Pathogens (Viral Satellites, Viroids and Prions)

8. Nematodes as Plant Pathogens

9. Angiosperms as Plant pathogens

10. Parasitic Green Algae as Plant pathogens

11. Noninfectious, Abiotic Plant Disease A gents ( Non - Parasitic or Physiological Disorders)

12. Cell Wall Degrading Enzymes in Plant pathogenesis

13. Toxins in Plants Pathogenesis

14. Disease Resistance: 1 Protection

15. Disease Resistance: 2 Defense (Active, or Induced Resistance)

16. Genetics of Host - Parasite Interactions and Specificity

17. Physiology of the Diseased Plant

18. Plant Disease Management (=Plant Disease Control) 1 - Prevention

19. Plant Disease management (=Plant Disease Control) 2 - Cure (=Therapy)

20. Chemicals In Plant Disease Management

21. Leaf Spots and Blights

22. Mosaica, Yellows, Leaf Curls and Other Abnormalities ( Virus and Phytoplasma Diseases)

23. Wilts

24. Rots: Damping - Off of Seedlings; Soft Rots and Dry Rots

25. Abnormal Growths: Galls , Leaf, Galls, Shoot Proliferations and Fasciations

26. Downy Mildews

27. Powdery Mildews

28. Smuts and Bunts

29. Rusts and Pucciniomycotina Smuts


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